Just now, two novel coronavirus cases in Maoming have been discharged from hospital.

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On 4 April, one novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infection, Surnamed Wei, and one mild COVID-19 patient, surnamed Chen, were discharged from hospital at the same time.The two cases were both novel coronavirus nucleic acid positive cases found in active population testing in Maonan District on 23 March, which were detected during the screening of close contacts of foreign cases.The above 2 patients received standard treatment, including TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, with good results. The COVID-19 nucleic acid test of the patients met the discharge criteria of COVID-19 Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol (Trial Edition 9), and they were discharged after discussion by the COVID-19 treatment expert group of Maoming People’s Hospital.On March 29, a novel coronavirus asymptomatic patient has been discharged from hospital, bringing the total number of COVID-19 cases in Our city to three.So far, all the cases have been treated effectively, and the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment services are normal, which will not affect people’s medical treatment.Correspondent/Chen Shu Maoming Editorial Office Editor: Zhong Zhencong First Review: Ke Zhuji Review: Zhang Yue Source: Maoming People’s Hospital