Midday market rebound, data center concept collective trading

2022-06-03 0 By

The Shanghai Composite index closed 0.66% higher at 3490.76 points, up 0.80% for the week.The Shenzhen Component index gained 0.27% to 13,459.68 points, up 1.78% for the week.The Chinext index fell 0.46 percent to 2,826.81 points, up 2.93 percent for the week.A-share market turnover shrinking, today’s whole day transaction only 807.5 billion yuan, industry plate up less.Nbi capital net bought 4.838 billion yuan during the day, including 3.025 billion yuan through Shanghai stock Connect and 1.813 billion yuan through Shenzhen Stock Connect.This week northbound funds accumulated net sales of nearly 2.4 billion yuan.Index, A – share index trend differentiation.One of the Shanghai open high, has risen four days, gem refers to today’s shock finishing.From the plate point of view, the financial real estate and other weight plate collective strength, effectively stable performance of the Shanghai Composite index, real estate strength led the rise.Big data, cloud computing concept explosion;Coal, steel, infrastructure, airports and ports, etc.Lithium battery, gold, semiconductor, energy storage and other hot topics callback.Today the two cities rose more than 60%, nearly 70 stocks trading limit, the better performance.Affected by the official launch of the “East and West” project, big data and other related concepts of the plate.As the policy of steady growth continues to be promoted, the infrastructure sector continues to be active, and the real estate industry chain also has many iterations.Recent fluctuations in peripheral markets, adverse investor risk preferences pick up, the volume of a significant contraction is also more restricted growth style plate performance.But since the opening of the A-share market this year, has taken the lead in adjustment, the mood in the field to better catharsis, Shanghai four even Yang has demonstrated resilience.Overall, the recent a-share index shock bottoming signs are more obvious, the recovery of energy needs A process, short-term growth, value and weekly structural rotation probability is large