Winter oil consumption is high, in order to save fuel can the tire pressure hit a little higher

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The higher the tire pressure is the more fuel efficient, but not in order to save fuel, blindly pursue high tire pressure.It’s like cooking food for dinner, you add salt, add chicken essence: “Wow!Fresh, delicious.”You try it, two tablespoons, two tablespoons, you can’t eat anything, not more is better.The higher the tire pressure, the more fuel efficient it is. First of all, let’s talk about why the higher the tire pressure, the more fuel efficient it is.A large part of a car’s fuel consumption is to overcome tire resistance.Wang Chuanzhu published a paper in Tire Industry, “Performance Matching Analysis of Tires and Vehicles,” which said: “Statistics show that the fuel consumption of tires to overcome rolling resistance accounts for about 20 percent of the fuel consumption of vehicles.”It’s like this: When you run, a lot of your energy is used to overcome the friction between the sole of your shoe and the ground.The higher the tire pressure, the smaller the contact area between the tire and the ground, the friction will be smaller, the rolling resistance of the tire will be smaller.Xin Yun, Xie Weizhong and others published in the “automobile practical technology” above the paper, “the impact of tire pressure on the vehicle performance”, the above has also done the experiment.When the tire pressure increases from 240kPa to 260kPa, the rolling resistance coefficient can be reduced by 4.4% to 7.7%, rolling resistance is reduced, and fuel consumption is naturally reduced.So, the higher the tire pressure, as long as it doesn’t blow out, it can save fuel.What’s wrong with high tire pressure that’s not so simple?In order to pursue fuel-saving effect as far as possible to go high, it is actually hidden trouble.Will accelerate tire wear first of all, tire pressure is too high will accelerate tire wear, the service life of the tire will be affected.Nanjing University of Science and Technology Huang Haijun master’s thesis, “Vehicle fuel consumption Optimization in the Context of Experimental Design,” said above.When the tire pressure is too high, the contact area between the tire and the road surface decreases, increasing the load per unit area and accelerating the wear of the central crown.In addition, high tire pressure will also reduce the car ride, accelerate the wear and damage of car parts.Like riding a bicycle, gas hit too enough, is the butt particularly painful?Isn’t it?And the tire wears out really fast.Will affect the braking performance of the car in addition to affecting the service life of the tire, tire pressure is too high to a certain extent will affect the braking performance of the car.Yang Chao of Jilin University conducted an experiment in his master’s thesis “Tire Steady-state Model Research considering the Influence of tire pressure”.When the speed is 100km/h, when the tire pressure increases from 250kPa to 350kPa, what is this local dialect called?With respect to “2.5 kg” and “3.5 kg”, the braking time of the car will increase by about 0.1s and the braking distance will increase by about 1.5m.1.5m sounds good too?But most of the time, there is such a difference, which determines the collision or not collision, accident or not happening.In addition, when the tire pressure reaches a certain degree and then increases the tire pressure, the rolling resistance will decrease.I share with you my master’s thesis of Yan Han from Kunming University of Science and Technology, “Research on Vehicle Economy Based on Driving Resistance”, in which I did an experiment.When the tire pressure increases from 2.1bar to 2.4bar, the rolling resistance decreases the most;As the tire pressure increases from 2.7bar to 3.3bar, the rolling resistance decreases gradually.It’s like: it’s obviously not that hard to go from 50 to 80 if you study hard, but it’s harder to go from 90 to 99 with the same amount of effort.So a look, if the tire pressure is too high, the fuel saving effect will not improve too much, even to the back can not be improved.How to play the most appropriate tire pressure even if you really want to play high tire pressure to save fuel, it is best not to exceed the ceiling of the original factory standard tire pressure.Li Can, Zhang Yan et al., “Discussion on Tire Pressure and Its Standard for Passenger Vehicles”, published in the proceedings of the 16th Henan Automobile Engineering Science and Technology Symposium, said above.When using the vehicle under non-full load condition, the light load tire pressure can be appropriately raised in the standard tire pressure technology, and the maximum tire pressure should not exceed the full load tire pressure as far as possible to ensure driving safety and fuel economy.For example: the tire pressure label on the rear wheel of the car with full load is “2.7bar”, which is “2.7 kg” in Local dialect. If you have to hit a 3.0, it really saves fuel.But more prone to puncture tires, and tire life is also reduced, the car will be more bumpy, not as advanced as the original drive, belong to the “pick sesame, throw watermelon” this kind of thing.By the way, the tire life should also focus on the tire pressure is high or low tire life is not good.I looked it up on bridgestone’s website: 25% increase in tire pressure, 15% to 20% decrease in tire life;A 25 percent drop in tire pressure reduces tire life by about 30 percent.So, too high or too low tire pressure is not good.Therefore, it is suggested that friends do not just go to 4S shop every time, 3 months, half a year, you let it go to play a tire.A month, nearby tire shop or car wash, check the tire pressure, not enough time to fill a fill, so is good.Insert a hard wide, air pump my home also sell, not only small size, easy to carry, but also preset tire pressure, play full automatic stop, the trunk can be casually put, interested friends can go to my home to buy a use.The tire pressure is high-energy and fuel-efficient, but it is not recommended to play high overall, although the tire pressure is really high to save fuel, but in order to save fuel, the pursuit of high tire pressure is not desirable.Tire wear aggravates not to say, but also will shorten the braking distance, in order to drive safety, what to write on the number of the line, do not have to go to their own extra thinking, high and low, according to it to the line.In addition to higher tire pressure, there are a lot of tips on the Internet for saving gas: Slow to save gas, early shift to save gas…That’s what the taxi drivers say.Which ones are true?Which ones are fake?Some of them are still unheard of.Throttle control is the key, do not step on the brake to save fuel, hit and how to do?There are a lot of ways to save fuel, reliable, easy to use, in line with ordinary car owners can use technology and what?I’ve sorted out 8 for you. You might as well have a look.Key words: fuel economy is very simple to know, pay attention to “spare tire said car”, reply keywords “fuel economy” can, “spare tire said car” waiting for you to play oh.Reference [1] Wang Chuanzhu.Tire Industry,2004.[2] XIN Yun, XIE Weizhong, LUO Zemin.Influence of Tire Pressure on Vehicle Performance [J]. Automobile Practical Technology,2019.[3] HUANG Haijun.Nanjing University of Science and Technology,2018.[4] Yang Chao.Research on Tire Steady-state Model Considering Tire Pressure Effect [D]. Jilin University,2017.[5] YAN Han.[6] LI Can, ZHANG Yan, BAI Yuanyong, YU Cancan. Research on Vehicle Economy Based on Driving Resistance Problem [D]. Kunming University of Science and Technology,2019.Discussion on Tire Pressure and Its Standard of Passenger Vehicle [C]. Proceedings of the 16th Henan Automobile Engineering Science And Technology Symposium.[publisher unknown],2019.[7] bridgestone official website