Akagi county to carry out high-rise building fire publicity activities

2022-06-04 0 By

Hebei news network news (zhang lj, xue-jiao Chen) a few days ago, a month of high-rise building fire control propaganda activity draws to a close, the activity, chicheng county fire rescue brigade into the county 20 high-level realty service enterprise for fire safety training, strengthen the high-rise building fire safety management, beware of high-rise building fire accidents.Analysis and judgment, power and responsibility.The brigade made in-depth analysis and judgment on the fire risk points of high-rise buildings in the area, accurately identified the key problems such as weak safety awareness and lack of escape skills, followed closely the management of high-rise property service enterprises to implement fire safety responsibilities, and vigorously cultivated fire safety “wise people”.Broaden breadth and popularize vigorously.Organize community grid members, fire fighters and fire clerks to carry out fire knowledge publicity activities, issue fire prevention publicity materials such as “20 fire Common Sense”, “Electric vehicle publicity posters” and “family fire prevention three clearance three clearance posters”, remind the residents of the area to pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity, do not park electric vehicles illegally and charge.At the same time, guide residents and merchants to pay attention to fire fighting, learn fire fighting, participate in fire fighting.Propaganda guidance, extensive publicity.Actively carry out fire control propaganda and the “five into” work, take the way of “knock door” to the homes of residents, the crowd spread propaganda fireproof, escape, fire fighting and common sense, common sense, common sense focusing on “empty nesters”, disadvantaged families to carry out the “service”, to remind residents “shut electric, do not smoke in bed before sleeping, children don’t play with fire” of “small fire outlaw.Up to now, more than 2,000 copies of promotional materials have been distributed.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.