Dressed up girls singing and dancing on the bridge!A new bridge in Myanmar has been opened to traffic

2022-06-04 0 By

Rakhine State, Myanmar – The new Yahmau Bridge on the Sittwe – Rangoon Highway under the myinbiya Township administration was inaugurated on February 5.At 9 am on February 5, the opening ceremony of yamao Bridge was attended by members of the State Governance Commission Du Nou Sein, Mannen Maw, U Mao-ha, Rakhine Governor Aung Kyaw Myin, heads of various departments in Rakhine State, civil servants from relevant departments and local people.A local youth who attended the opening ceremony said that at first it was a cable bridge, but it was not strong enough to pass.Local people have to rely on ferries to get around, which is time-consuming.Now the newly built Yamao Bridge has become a major bridge on the Sittwe – Rangoon highway, which will bring convenience to our travel in the future and make us very happy.The Yamao Bridge is about 1,300 inches long and 28 feet wide.Construction will start in October 2018 and be completed in May 2021 at a total cost of about 12 billion kyat.After the completion of the project, the pilot train will be used in June 2021, and the official opening ceremony will be held on February 5, 2022.It is reported that the old Yamao bridge on the Sittwe – Rangoon highway in the district of Minbiya Town is too old and damaged to be open to traffic.The construction of the new bridge has greatly improved local travel.