Here comes the new clock!These complexes in Qiantang district will open in 2022

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In 2021, Hangzhou’s Olympic Sports Impression City, Ins. Park, Dingqiao and Jiangdong Sky Street will open for business, while Costco, Mixc and other land-based shopping malls will help upgrade regional business.In terms of the number of commercial projects opened throughout the year, both the number and volume of newly opened commercial projects will increase significantly before 2021.In 2022, Hangzhou will also welcome a large number of blockbuster businesses, many of which are TOD commercial complexes, which can be directly reached by subway.Today, let’s take stock of the commercial complex projects to be opened in Hangzhou in 2022, and see if there are any projects on your doorstep.Urban project name Plate proposed opening time Binjiang District Hangzhou Binjiang Aolai Selected River in June 2022 English Crown Binyue City River in 2022 Intime department store Binjiang Store Xixing in June 2022 Gongshu District Hangzhou NEOPARK- Future Li Xintiandi April 2022 Hangzhou Time 567 Bridge West May 2022 Hangzhou Yinglan Center Pass June 2022 Hangzhou Arch Baolong Square Taoyuan July 2022 Hangzhou “Agricultural development · Urban kitchen” complex Sanli Ting 2022 Qiantang District Longhu Hangzhou Wujiao Tianjie Jinsha Lake May 2022 Dongtou Xinyue Square Xiasha Higher Education DistrictHangzhou Guofang Shopping Center jiubao 2022 Hangzhou Lianbao Fengcheng Qianjiang New City Phase II In June 2022 Dexin Hangzhou Wing East New City In May 2022 Gang Long Aulac City East New City in July 2022 Xiaoshan District Xiaoshan Zhongan Square Xiaoshan Old Town In May 2022 Xiaoshan Kaiyuan Square south lying city 2022 Hangzhou Olympic Sports Chaolonghui Olympic SportsFuture Science and Technology City, Baolong Square, Yuhang District, Hangzhou Science and Technology City, June 2022, Hangzhou Sky · Xiaoteng Street, Future Science and Technology City, June 2022, C+ Xijia Square, Wuchang, Hangzhou Fangzheng International Plaza, Renhe, Hangzhou Hongfeng Shopping Plaza, Xianlin, Xihu District, Zhijiang Tide PARK, Zhuantang, Linping District, Suning Shopping Plaza, Star Bridge, 2022Linan area 2022 jin jin south south metro transit complex project new town in 2022, linan binhu new lakeside district in 2022, according to incomplete statistics, in 2022, hangzhou is about 26 commercial complex, among them, the gongshu district and yuhang district each have five, four, uptown binjiang, xiaoshan district, and each have three, qiantang area and linan area each have two,Xihu District and Linping district each have 1.This year, two complexes will open in Qiantang District.They include Dongtou Xinyue Plaza, about 36,000 square meters, and Longhu Wujiao Sky Street, about 55,000 square meters, which is expected to open in May.The most worthy of attention is undoubtedly the Dragon Lake Wujiao Street.Since the beginning of Jinsha Day Street, Longhu has laid out 10 projects in Hangzhou. “A Day street brings a city”, Longhu’s trading power for business has been recognized by more and more people.In terms of brand structure, wujiao Sky Street takes the concept of “space with accent” as the concept, and specially creates 3 theme blocks, which is expected to open in May.Actual view of Wu Kok Sky Street