Symposium on the development of E-commerce industry in Yinjiang Autonomous County was held

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On March 22, The Symposium on the development of E-commerce industry in Yinjiang Autonomous County was held to study and discuss how to accelerate the development of e-commerce industry in the county.City CPPCC vice chairman, county party secretary Zhang Haoran presided over the meeting and speech.Yang Xiaoping, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee, Xie Shouwen, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the open district, Ma Honggang, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and director of the county Commission office attended the meeting.At the meeting, the county industry and commerce bureau reported the development of the county’s e-commerce industry.The participating enterprises spoke actively from the aspects of their own development and policy support, and raised the existing difficulties and problems to be solved.Participating departments, towns and villages (streets) expressed opinions and suggestions on how to serve the development of e-commerce industry and solve the development difficulties of e-commerce enterprises.After listening to the speech, Zhang Haoran thanked the entrepreneurs for supporting and promoting the economic and social development of the county for a long time.He pointed out that in recent years, our county to seize the pilot project of “county business system” “national e-commerce into rural comprehensive demonstration county” “the province electricity poverty alleviation demonstration county” development opportunities, strengthen the electricity business logistics system construction, vigorously foster the subject of electricity management, build a electricity supply chain system, establish the platform of agricultural products circulation, reduces the logistics cost, improve the circulation efficiency,It has given a strong boost to the “guizhou goods out of the mountains” and provided new drivers and carriers for increasing people’s incomes, promoting agricultural industry upgrading, consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation achievements, continuing rural revitalization, and promoting integrated urban-rural development.Zhang Haoran stressed that we should unify our thinking, improve our understanding, strengthen the sense of urgency and responsibility of the development of e-commerce industry, seize the policy opportunities of the new State Development No. 2 document, innovate ideas and measures, increase efforts to promote the integrated development of e-commerce and real economy, and constantly promote the development of economic society to a higher quality.We need to emancipate our minds, change our mindset, and devote more energy to serving enterprises and market entities. We need to make good use of the market to force industrial transformation and upgrading. We need to effectively link bases with the market, and ensure stable agricultural output and increase, farmers’ income, and rural stability and tranquility.It is necessary to strengthen learning, reserve knowledge, strengthen service guidance to enterprises, innovate marketing models, and help e-commerce platforms mature and operate, so that they can stand out and grow stronger in the fierce market competition.It is necessary to break the bottleneck, adhere to the problem-oriented, and continue to make efforts in cultivating e-commerce talents, building e-commerce platforms, improving the quality of online goods, strengthening logistics and distribution, and strengthening publicity and promotion, so as to push the e-commerce industry in India to a new level.To operate in good faith, steady progress, for a long time to do a good job of brand construction, constantly improve brand awareness, reputation, promote the enterprise to become bigger and stronger.County departments, some township (street) responsible comrades and enterprise representatives attended the meeting.(Xie Kaifu, Zhang Min) Source: Yinjiang County Government website