Why do you always say it’s not a good fit?

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A matchmaker, commonly known today as a matchmaker, is a person who sets up matches between single men and women.The author from 2000 up to now, became 20 years free marriage matchmaker, for each age single men and women get married silently dedication, successful 139 single friends get married!That’s what I’m thankful for!Today I am still determined to do this for the Single Men and women Fellowship!What do marriage matchmakers fear most?Those single men and women who keep saying they’re not suitable!Why do they keep saying it’s not appropriate?After talking with thousands of single men and women, the author believes that it is a kind of autism for a single friend to constantly say that he or she is not suitable for a partner!The so-called closed, that is, do not open, sunshine, tolerance, love to get along with each other, do everything possible to find the beauty of each other.Appreciate each other with the eyes of flowers to ignite the fire of love in your heart!Move each other with true feelings, make each other the light of love phase rise!Passion, hold hands, hug, and get married!On the contrary, he treats every candidate he meets with a negative attitude. He is always mean, probing each other’s psychology with his own speculation, and being harsh to others to pick bones in eggs!Such mentality, the other side also do not show weakness!He and they will retaliate, try to cause each other some pain!There is a call each other three days can not eat, can not sleep and then fast feeling!This is not a date, it is clearly a game of fighting!And the matchmaker is most afraid of meeting such a single friend!Once met, in vain, the marriage matchmaker for all he she did, paid so much effort, he they do not cherish!No matter how many people they meet, they always end with three words: Inappropriate!essays