Yili Ecology deeply understands the concept of Liangshan mountain and strives to create a demonstration case of green development

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According to relevant surveys, in order to better respond to the call of the government, learn to understand the concept of the two mountains.Yili Ecology actively explores the field of three-dimensional desertification control and creates the development case of three-dimensional desertification control and Recycling industry in Kubuqi, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Yili Ecology, which not only brings a new practice sample of Liangshan Mountain to all regions, but also adds a new engine for green development.Preliminary exploration has been made into four transformation paths, including “protecting green and exchanging gold”, “adding green and increasing gold”, “turning green into gold” and “green capital”, and eight transformation modes, including ecological restoration, ecological agriculture, ecological tourism, ecological industry, “ecological +” composite industry, ecological market, ecological finance and ecological compensation.On the basis of comprehensive consideration of regional characteristics and resource endowment, construction progress and effectiveness, representativeness and extension of experience model, the first batch of 18 replicable, scalable and sustainable typical practice cases of “lucid waters and lush mountains are gold and silver mountains” have been published.Starting from July 2021, we will launch the column of “Practice Mode and typical cases of ‘Lucid waters and Lush mountains are Gold and silver Mountains'” to publicize 18 typical cases of these 8 modes.A restoration ecological background, who is the ecological capital – ecological restoration mode this mode is to point to in order to improve ecological environmental quality, promote ecological assets, value of ecological capital as the main tasks and measures, through tireless in ecological restoration and ecological construction projects such as ecological add green, green, green action, for a long time to work, well-grounded,Constantly consolidate the green ecological foundation of sustainable development, enhancing economic and social development of “ecological bank”, constantly promote ecological assets, green capital increment, accumulated and liquidation, the hills and green natural wealth, ecology into economic wealth, social wealth, to realize the construction of ecological civilization and poverty engines, rural development and the development of green synergy,It is mainly suitable for poor ecological background or sensitive and fragile ecological environment areas.Hebei Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm, Shanxi Youyu County, Inner Mongolia Kubuqi Yili Ecological Demonstration Zone, Shandong Weihai Huaxia City, Gansu Gulang County Babusha Forest Farm and other areas through strengthening the ecological base, the ecological assets are continuously accumulated and realized, a profound interpretation of the historical view of “ecological prosperity is civilization prosperity”.Case 1:The Inner Mongolia autonomous region KuBuQi three-dimensional case background KuBuQi desert sand to promote circulation industry development is China’s seventh largest desert, with a total area of about 1.86 square kilometers, the main body is located in the ordos city of Inner Mongolia adapted, fragile ecological environment, is the desertification in Inner Mongolia, and even the whole country and one of the more severe soil and water loss region,It is also one of the three major sources of sandstorms in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.The ecological condition of Kubuqi is not only related to the development of this region, but also to the ecological security of North China, northwest China and even the whole country.Thirty years ago, there was no grass and no human habitation in the belly of the Kubuqi Desert. The wind erosion and sand burial were very serious, and the bad ecological environment had become the biggest obstacle to regional economic development.Adapted, in order to change the dilemma of the party committee, government support, the yili group, systematic and large-scale industrialization transformation greening and photovoltaic development desert ecology, ecological tourism and ecological agriculture, such as desert ecological industry drives the farmers and herdsmen in sandy entrepreneurial employment, rich, gradually walked out of a “industry and poverty alleviation” “business ecology and” the new way of promoting mutual benefit.Yili Ecological Demonstration Zone in Kubuqi Desert was therefore recognized by the United Nations as the “global ecological economy Demonstration Zone”. Wang Wenbiao, chairman of Yili Group, was also awarded the “Global Desertification Leader Award” and “Earth Defender Lifetime Achievement Award”.Main practices and achievements of Yili Ecological Demonstration Zone in Kubuqi Desert 1.Development localization cold resistant drought and salt-tolerant germplasm resources, established a “Joe, irrigation, grass, licorice” stereo ecological management system, combining mining desert plants economic value, moderate development of licorice, desert cistanche, organic fruits and vegetables, such as planting industry, establish seedling base, medicinal material base and processing base, the formation of cultivation, processing, market and industry and trade integration of complete industrial chain.It has built more than 1.2 million mu of Chinese herbal medicine base with licorice as the main medicinal material, and the annual sales revenue of medicine is over 10 billion yuan.Kubuqi Modern Agricultural Park Kubuqi ecological photovoltaic industry ii.Industrial sand control.Using industrial waste residue such as fly ash and using sand from desert locally, the company has developed internationally leading products such as petroleum fracturing proppant.By using biological and ecological technologies, industrial waste residues and crop straw ripening are developed into soil improvers, compound fertilizers and organic fertilizers.Make use of the light and heat resources of desert sunshine, innovate the three-dimensional economic model of “on-board power generation, grass planting between the boards, and breeding under the boards”, and implement photovoltaic power generation projects.The use of photovoltaic panels to shade the wind, promote plant growth, provide shelter for free-range sheep and chickens, livestock manure provides organic fertilizer, improve the soil, so that the land is restored.3. Sand control by tourism.Build new villages for farmers and herdsmen, concentrate on living and intensive production, and develop desert tourism.Relying on the natural scenery of the desert and desert oases, it develops desert tourism such as desert cross-country, desert adventure, conference and exhibition, farm entertainment and pastoral music, receiving more than 200,000 tourists annually.The 1,303 farmers and herdsmen in the surrounding area have developed guesthouses, restaurants, ethnic handicrafts, desert off-road and so on, with an average annual income of more than 100,000 yuan per household, more than 30,000 yuan per capita.(4) Market-oriented participation of farmers and herdsmen.Adopting the mode of “company + peasant household”, the farmers and herdsmen in the desert and surrounding areas will become the largest participants and beneficiaries of the kubuqi Desert greening undertaking with the “seven new identities” of “sandy land owners, industrial shareholders, small tourism owners, leader of migrant workers’ union, industrial workers, ecological workers and new farmers and herdsmen”.In desert control, local farmers and herdsmen have taken the initiative to participate in desert control and transformation, and 232 desert control migrant workers’ teams have been formed, 5,820 of whom have become ecological construction workers with an annual per capita income of 36,000 yuan.”New Village of herdsmen” for tourism Modernization in Kubuqi Desert 5.We will continue to innovate technologies to combat desertification.In the long-term practice of ecological construction, we should constantly promote the technological innovation of ecological construction through effective ways such as technical reference, summary, improvement, innovation and popularization.First, more than 100 desert ecological technological achievements have been explored and innovated, including windward slope afforestation, minimally invasive tree planting, licorice translation planting, brackish water treatment and comprehensive utilization, photovoltaic water irrigation, in-situ soil remediation, big data and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sand control.2 it is to follow the “adjust measures to local conditions, to the optimal tree” afforestation principle, put forward “lock, seepage around the abdomen, to the road blocks, pull” block management, technology support, industry transformation strategy and “road, electricity, water, telecommunications, network, green” combination of sand policy, cultivating, by aerial, artificial afforestation “three measures simultaneously”, eventually form the desert oasis and ecological microclimate environment,Oases, rainfall and biodiversity improved.At present, Kubuqi has formed a desert green economic cycle system with ecology as the background and the integrated development of the three industries, realizing the transformation from desert sand to clear water and green mountains, gold and silver mountains.Data show that desertification control in the past 30 years has restored vegetation in nearly one-third of the Kubuqi Desert, with vegetation coverage increasing from 26.54 percent before 2000 to 49.71 percent in 2018. Dust weather has decreased by 95 percent compared with 20 years ago, biological species have increased by 10 times, and annual rainfall has increased from less than 70 mm before desertification control to more than 300 mm.The experience of “green, rich and Prosperous” achieved in 30 years of sand control in The Kubuqi Desert has inspired Yili Resource Group to follow the development mode of “combining green with prosperity, combining ecology with survival, and combining industry with poverty alleviation”, and establish the development concept of “green from sand, green from land, water from heaven, light from electricity”.We will explore a balanced four-wheel drive for sustainable development of “desertification control, ecology, industry and poverty alleviation”.KuBuQi mode into practice has proved that the desert governance should be based on the development concept of “green loop”, from “blood transfusion” strong foundation, to the “blood”, livelihood development industry, make good use of the sun, wind and sand in the desert plant biological chemical industry, tourism and other industry development, developing desert ecology of new economy, to realize “green rich with xing”.The successful selection of Yili Ecological vivid practice cases in liangshan practice samples is the recognition and affirmation of Yili Ecology by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.In the process of development, Yili Ecology deeply cultivates ecological environment management, explores more new ways to achieve “green, rich and prosperous”, and injects more vitality into the development of the industry.