The beard clause?After Harden arrived in Philadelphia, the league explored new penalties and became notorious for duha’s feud

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Beijing time on February 13, the NBA regular season is under way, the stranger appeared harden finally one in black appeared in Philadelphia airport, to pick up the executive is 76 people and their families, harden to which the series of the dust settles, finally and his grace than DE together will open and a top defender + top center of the story, in the history of the NBA,The media and fans always look forward to this combination.Next, Harden will undergo a physical in Philadelphia, and when all is ready, Harden will begin his new career in Philadelphia.After Harden arrived in Philadelphia, Marc Stein reported that league officials and some team owners will explore ways to penalize players in the next collective bargaining session, citing concerns among the league and owners that superstars might follow Harden’s lead over the past 13 months.Harden is believed to have forced trades in Houston and Brooklyn in a series of “strikes.”To harden as this year, the fans thinks, harden with professional attitude, there are fans believe that this is not to harden’s beard terms, before the harden, big-name players during the team, but, if the harden and grace than, don’t call that harden really want from their own to find the reason,From Howard to Paul to Westbrook, Durant, Irving, some fans joked that the starting five is strong enough.In addition to the league’s new rules, Marc Stein said that communication with Harden had been difficult at times before Durant’s injury.Then durant got hurt, and during durant’s absence for a couple of weeks, Harden stopped communicating with everyone and expressed in a negative way that he didn’t want to be in the Nets anymore.The big three in the nets is nearly two years, a total fit played 16 games, a kind of stop, a part-time basketball, god on god, coupled with the coach Nash won’t harden his heart, harden, 33, has the sense of crisis immediately, his heart is like, this is the real reason for him to leave the nets, the nets and last hope 76 people can encounter the playoffs, well never lose,Your comments are welcome.