The sports earphone OpenRun Pro recommended by Kipchoge shocked the market

2022-06-05 0 By

On March 2nd, Shokz Shao, the world’s leading sportswear earphone brand, launched its 2022 flagship sportswear earphone OpenRun Pro. Shokz Also announced that it will soon launch a custom color matching joint model with Marathon world record holder Kipchoge.Attracted the attention of countless sports fans.Today, Shokz Has released the OpenRun Pro bone conducted professional sports earphones in orange and gray. As a hardcore runner and kipchoge fan, Shokz has placed an order for these coveted earphones from, let’s take a look at what kipchoge’s OpenRun Pro is all about.First of all, there must be a popular knowledge about Kipchoge in OpenRun Pro co-authored by Shao Yin. Kipchoge is a real running god. In addition to holding the marathon world record, he is also the first runner who “breaks 2” in the history of human marathon.Kipchoge finished the 159challenge in 1 hour, 59 minutes and 40 seconds (2:50 pace), breaking the human limit.The color scheme of OpenRun Pro, certified by Kipchoge, is inspired by the signature color scheme of NN Running Team, which Kipchoge belongs to. Orange represents the love of sports, while gray represents the exploration of their own limits. The combination of passion, enthusiasm and tenacity generated by orange and grey inspires everyone who loves sports.As a co-branded kipchoge model, OpenRun Pro also has the LOGO of Kipchoge NN Running Team engraved on the body, which belongs to magic blessing Running to the peak. There is also a knitted bracelet with kipchoge’s signature in the box, which makes the sports faith with you.The new ShokzTurboPitch™ low frequency enhancement technology, combined with the CoreCushion low frequency enhancement unit, has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in sound quality, inspiring every moment of sports.The Kipchog Co-branded OpenRun Pro supports up to 10 hours of long battery life and 10 days of extra long standby, and supports quick charging technology that lasts 90 minutes on a 5-minute charge, making exercise no wait.At the same time, OpenRun Pro dual-silicon digital noise reduction microphone combined with CVC algorithm, intelligent and precise recognition of voice and noise combined with hard and soft, to provide users with smooth call experience.OpenRun Pro co-branded by Kipjoge, in order to provide users with a higher comfort level, uses titanium alloy with memory characteristics as the body frame to balance and distribute the headset with only 29 grams of weight, and is wrapped with skin-friendly silica gel to reduce the friction damage caused by the headset to the skin during exercise. The lightweight and strong body provides ultra-high comfort for wearing during long-term exercise.Half circle rear hanging design in the movement of almost no accidental fall off possibility.OpenRun Pro support IP55 waterproof and dust-proof standard, double mesh structure, double nano hydrophobic coating two designs, resistance to water invasion and isolation of water penetration, professional resistance to wind and rain, dust, sweat more than enough.OpenRun Pro, which is also full of passion for sports but also contains a low-key and stable cowboy blue color, was sold at the same time. It was brought home by official channels such as JINGdong and Taobao search OpenRun Pro Shokz Shao flagship store for 1,298 yuan.