The young volunteer in Songjiang will have a big day with his parents

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The first time I volunteered with my parents, the first birthday without flowers and candles, the first time I worked overnight, and the first time I felt a strong sense of mission as a Communist party member.From March 31 to join the community volunteer service team, to now just a week, the 23-year-old girl Su Yu, a volunteer in Yukun Village, Xiaokunshan town, has experienced many unforgettable first time in her life.After graduating from the department of environmental Engineering at Donghua University last year, Su began preparing to study abroad.She had planned to go abroad in May this year, but since March, the increasingly serious situation of the epidemic has made her plan to go abroad have to be postponed.She became baymax after seeing her mother and father join the community volunteer corps.”My mother signed up first and went out early and returned late every day. My father, a Member of the Communist Party, soon joined in the volunteer work.”Su said her parents’ example helped her see the value of doing this, and as a Party member, she felt she should do something too.On March 31, Su Put on her first baymax suit.In this way, the three members of the family began to shuttle between different volunteer posts every day, calling, calling, scanning nucleic acid codes, leading teams, delivering vegetables and medicine…”All is well, don’t miss it!”Be their “code word” when they meet.”Sometimes we have to get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to prepare for the early morning nucleic acid sampling.”If I work too late the day before, I simply don’t sleep, Su said. “I’m tired and worried about getting infected, but someone has to do it.We are now at a critical stage in the fight against the virus. I believe that if we work together, we will soon reach a turning point.”On the afternoon of April 2, in the office building of the neighborhood committee of Yukun Village, Xiaokunshan town, “Happy Birthday” was sung among a crowd of “Baymax”.It was Su Yu’s twenty-third birthday.Special time, special place, special “family”, although there are no flowers and candles, but Su Yu was very happy and moved.”On this day every year, I would order a cake for myself and celebrate with my family.This year I spent my birthday in the company of about a dozen community volunteers, who sent me three cupcakes and we celebrated with ‘cheers’ over yoghurt served at lunch.”Recalling the unforgettable birthday a few days ago, Su smiled and said, “Although the volunteers have not known each other for a long time, they have become like family members because of their hard work together.”Su said that she felt a stronger sense of mission after participating in the volunteer work. “Only by joining in the volunteer work can I truly feel the hard work of volunteers.Thousands of supplies are scattered before they reach the residents, requiring volunteers to spend a lot of time and energy to sort them.”Early in the morning of April 4, when all members of the community were tested for nucleic acid samples, Su Yu was maintaining the order of the queue when an old woman in her 70s and 80s walked toward her. She was walking very hard alone.Su Yu hurried forward to help her to ask: “grandma you all right, you sit by, you want to be really uncomfortable I send you back, turn head let the doctor come to help you sample.”When she heard that someone cared so much about her, she burst into tears and said, “IT doesn’t matter to me. I will be fine if I have a rest.”Su yu later learned that the grandmother lived alone and valued the attention of others.”I was able to help her back.”Su told reporters that the community has been counted in advance of these elderly residents living alone, mobility difficulties, medical staff will visit to help them sample, but some elderly people in order not to bother others, or go downstairs.During the week of volunteering, Su gradually learned to be considerate of others’ difficulties and tried her best to take care of those residents in need.She was also touched by the residents’ gratitude. “Some residents came to thank me after finishing nucleic acid. I felt happy and felt that what I had done had been seen.”Of course, there are also some troubles and grievances in the work. For example, some residents would play “hide and seek” with volunteers, and would not go home after sampling, but still enjoy the scenery and chat downstairs.There are door-to-door supplies, the knock on the door is small afraid residents can not hear, the voice of some residents will be angry.”In fact, my hand is very painful, if they are home, before opening the door to answer, we will not continue knocking.”Although some small grievance, but Su Yu said this is also a good opportunity to practice their own endurance.Su said that her biggest wish now is to end the epidemic as soon as possible so that she can study abroad smoothly.”My major is environmental engineering and I hope to become an environmental engineer in the future and make contributions to the cause of environmental protection.”Su Yushui.(Article from Shanghai Songjiang Official account)