Yizyou day column female life marriage, marriage palace meet, meet true love

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Dear teacher, my parents divorced me when I was very young, and I have been living with my grandparents since CHILDHOOD. My grandfather passed away when I was in junior high school, and now I am working.But grandma’s health was getting worse and WORSE. I was worried. “Seeing me get married, having a grandchild,” she would say to me.However, I have not met anyone I can trust emotionally. I would like to ask you to help me see when I can get married. Will my grandma see me get married?I don’t want her to have any regrets. I was born at 10:30 p.m. on October 31, 1993. Thank you!Teacher bu reply, you were born in the year of Guiyou, renxu month, Yiyou day, Ding Hai, Dayun, Guihai, Jiazi, Yichou, Bingyin, Dingmao, Wuchen, Qisi, gengwu, Xin Wei, now Yichou in the transport.First analysis of life bureau xi ji, you yen b wood born in xu month shall not make, sit down you gold lost land, dry ding fire personal restraint, only years dry health, but the month dry water was xu soil restraint, resulting in insufficient physical strength, comprehensive to weak theory, take water and wood for xi, soil fire for avoid.Secondly, the static information of life bureau is analyzed: 1. Yiyourizhu female life is quiet and gentle, flexible and changeable, with strong adaptability, modest and delicate, very popular with others.Emotionally, she is considerate and considerate to each other. After marriage, she is easily dependent on her husband.2, female life marriage to see the official, is the official is her husband star, but your life bureau is the official is not obvious, only sit down you gold seven kill, seven kill for partial edge partial husband star, is not obvious to kill for the husband, means that you treat the feelings of the exclusive, the month, the watermark star close to the health, treat feelings conservative, will not easily accept heterosexual relations.3 life bureau seven kill more, means that the marriage is more partial edge rotten peach blossom, years of youyou gold Fu Yin, the Lord changed feelings repeatedly difficult to stabilize, years of youyou xu phase wear, youjin husband star injury, means that will experience a period of failed feelings.And easy to hurt feelings, early marriage is more likely to end in divorce.Plus seven kill to avoid, after marriage also mostly husband and wife quarrel, contradiction, also because of emotional trouble.Finally, analyze the dynamic information of life bureau, you are now in yichou luck, ugly soil health fuyou gold seven kill attack body, adverse to the development of feelings, this year Renyin, and the time column heaven and earth, to help feelings is not very much.Next year gui-mao, MAO wood and marriage palace you gold phase, although can have a relationship, but mostly because of other women lead to emotional failure.The year after the year, the earth branch Chen unitary match, time too old moved the marriage palace, will be able to meet a section of emotional marriage, a good grasp of the words, can get married.Will your grandmother see you get married and have a grandchild?Female life upon shef, for grandma, your life bureau for butyl fire upon shef, air-dried nonyl consistency, decyl opposition ding, ding, fire upon shef injured, means that grandma body is not very good, as long as the universiade time there will be no decyl water to flush and is very good, but need to pay attention to decyl bases of next year, decyl water fire upon shef, this time to pay attention to the health of my grandma.In addition, ding fire god of food is also children, ding fire sitting hai shui is empty and clear, and Ding Ren is in harmony, God of food is injured, children’s fate is still very poor, plus hai shui for post horses, go to the field for pregnancy will be relatively much better.The proposal, your life bureau whole is very good, the great luck time also did not leave the information to marriage obviously, although there are stutters in the middle, but husband and wife quarrel inevitable, early marriage is adverse, late marriage, marriage is still very happy, this is not necessary to worry about.