A Shanghai stock market genius broke the news: appear “nine days to shoot the day” form, the main fund to enter the field!

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The best trading opportunities are certainly not in established markets, nor in the operation of trend markets, but in corrections, either after the end of a long-term trend or in the middle of a trend market correction.The way of trading, defend the invincible, attack the winnable enemy.A $1 million loss of 50% becomes $500,000, and a $500,000 increase to $1 million requires a 100% profit.In an endless environment, the less rules you have, the less responsibility you have for yourself, the easier it is for accidents to sweep you out of business, and the less control you have over your life.In fact, it is not so much a winners than survival, no one can beat the market, the so-called a winner is just know convergence personality to adapt to the market after the storm, learned how to survive if there is a trend the market trend, don’t put the cart before the horse, ignore the current trend, only guess where will the market rebound, adjust, or hit the right place.To this end, learning knowledge is only the beginning.Investment fry, regard as a professional skill, just know correct operation method, it is far from enough.Always “painfully” erase all the wrong trades from the memory and tell yourself clearly that the mistakes I made were stupid and I hope I can’t make them again because I want to succeed and I can’t go down the road of failure……In the course of volatility, many investors buy stocks every time they rise.At the same time, when the stock price is continuously depressed, there are many investors will buy at the bottom.Losses are different, and there are many reasons for losses, each of which represents a lack of understanding of market defects, which is the focus of learning.”Nine days shoot sun” form brief introduction: 1. It is composed of a long shadow Yin K line, also known as the bow line.The 2 – and 5-day moving averages (white lines) are above stock prices.3, Yin K line opening price higher than the previous day’s closing price, known as jump Yin K line.”Nine days shoot day” technical points: 1. The form often appears in the stock price rising trend, multi – market based.2. The form of pregnancy encountered bear sniper, so had to retreat to a lower price, so the formation of the “nine days of shooting”.3. In the late stage of the form, the 5-day moving average is close to the stock price and the trend begins to rise.In this case, the stock has been in the trend of sideways consolidation in the early stage. When K line successfully broke through the 13-day and 55-day average, if investors timely buy in this area, the stock price rose sharply in the afternoon.”Rise to control storehouse + fall to control storehouse” rise to control storehouse is to have the operation that controls storehouse in the light of the stock that has formed rise trend, to be caught the investor solution is covered to reduce loss to have vital effect.Fall control warehouse is also a kind of targeted control position operation for individual stocks, can effectively avoid solution set of losses.It basically is to point to when share price drops after more than 50%, can be in its every drop when 10% respectively buy 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% chip.K line in the 5 day line and 10 antenna between the 5 day line in the 10 day line above the 5 day line if covered after the 5 day line, no first time stop loss, you can reach the 10 day line, do not fall the 10 day line when filling positions, so that the cost is reduced to 5 antenna.If the reverse pumping does not break through the 5-day line, unsleeve sold;If the back pumping breaks the 5-day line, unplug and make a profit.Analysis of daily K line if the daily K line is bald and bare feet of the Sun line, the late stock price continues to increase the probability of the limit.High open the trading limit that goes high shows trend extremely strong, banker pulls gao, attract follow wind dish more easily, the next day can go gao.As a result of that day low area did not clinched a deal, so profit plate profit less, sell pressure of the position will increase accordingly, thus leaving more profit space.Trading is like fishing. You practice the trader’s calm.5.20 Strategy is a combination of two averages.In parameter setting, the combination of a short moving average and a long moving average is often selected.The 5.20 moving average is the selected parameter combination of 5-day moving average and 20-day moving average.So why choose 5 moving averages and 20 moving averages?5 average is also called “attack line”, 5 average parameters smaller more close to the stock price trend so in the signal more price fast, plus 5 daily average is one of the characteristics of short-term strong stocks.Long tail line: after the opening of the day, the stock market volume fell, but then inexplicably pulled by the main long, leaving a long shadow, this is the signal to do rebound funds intervention, as long as the second day to pick up the road, rising space is very obvious.Bottom is made up of morphological structure, but the volume play a key role, either drop-off, volume, must have a rule, for example by wave shrank, moderate volume that is a good quantitative change process, but if say in irregular volumes, volume is very big but not risen up or how many, regardless of any shape shifting may be fall.Taoguang Yanghui trading, the second day slightly higher open 2%-3%, affected by the market long Yin back to the day before trading entity changyang central, accompanied by the volume remains below 5%, two days before and after the basic flat.The secret is to rise, but deliberately retreat.Then there are usually two trends: one is back to the 5-day line after the cross, and then began to counterattack;Another is to open slightly lower, and then directly with the Yang line to swallow the day before yesterday’s Yin line, a new high.As shown in the figure below: Operating points: 1. Trading must be run through from the bottom up, and can not be a jump sky high kaifeng trading.2. The daily limit and the volume of the next day should be basically flat.Whether you use any rules of trading patterns, should consider a point, that is to say, that’s what the rules of strategy, whether in a longer cycle can realize the growth of the rights and interests, on the day of long tail lines after opening, stock markets fell, rare but somehow was long main pull litre, leaving a long so,This is to do rebound funds intervention signal, as long as the second day to pick up the road, rising space is very obvious.Bottom is made up of morphological structure, but the volume play a key role, either drop-off, volume, must have a rule, for example by wave shrank, moderate volume that is a good quantitative change process, but if say in irregular volumes, volume is very big but not risen up or how many, regardless of any shape shifting may be fall.In the market, trading opportunities for investors are everywhere, but how should investors recognize trading opportunities and grasp them well?Our question is based on how to improve our trading ability and trading level in reflection, and continue to be profitable in subsequent trading.Fry not only technical analysis, basic analysis can be solved, more important is psychological analysis.Psychology collapsed, be technical analysis, basic analysis still is used?A world full of temptation and one thousand years of human nature, it is difficult to determine the traders remain calm and easy, I difficult, the lack of continuity caused a lot of unpredictable results, market trends itself has a different rhythm, different traders will eventually find the rhythm of a period of time, will make money in rhythm, the rhythm will lose money,No one can buy everything, complex market trends are just appearances, simple and practical methods are the truth of trading.Understand and firm a truth, the world is not good or bad, right or wrong.Market no more short, up and down.For small investors, who think the stock market has a chance to make a fortune every day, one step short of a rally is to beat their chests.When the direction of the market is uncertain and uncertain, the market is in a balanced state. Sell on gains or buy on dips according to the basic trend direction.Different strategies are adopted in different states.Stock market to make money, we do not take the ordinary road, and leek they think just the opposite.Pay close attention to the changes in the economy and stock market every day and do your own research.Wait patiently for the stock price to rise while preventing the market from sudden changes and missing selling opportunities.Trading is a whole, real process, is a good deal of results, only the ultimate goal of learning is profitable thinking, critical thinking;We don’t really need to trade every day during our investment lives.Most of the time, we need to hold cash and wait.We are speculators, not gamblers.We dive into every market situation, whether it’s past price trends or current price movements, focusing on the technical aspects or fundamentals of the market, or balancing the two.