Children love to eat tonkotsu ramen, rich ingredients, nutritious and delicious, eat a memorable

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Hello everyone, here is Yang Dad’s parenting, the theme of the introduction of simple parenting complementary food and parenting knowledge, just to share better for children.This food is suitable for children over 3 years old.In our daily life, I believe that for many male parents, if their children are used to eating rice, sometimes use some pasta as a supplement, I believe it will leave a very good impression on their children.After all, people are people with aversion, even for adults, if they eat the same thing every day, they will get bored after a long time.And for the author, because of their own pasta production has some experience, so in the parenting staple food cooking, I also learned some classic food.Take the tonkotsu ramen shared today as an example. I believe many people are quite familiar with this delicious noodle.Although its reputation is not as big as sliced noodles, oily spicy noodles, roasted cold noodles, saozi noodles and other pasta, it should be very representative for a simple operation of pasta collocation, and children at home love it very much.If you’re interested in today’s baby food, check out how it’s cooked and enjoy it.Tonkotsu ramen.One hard-boiled egg, one tablespoon of miso sauce, one catty of chopped thigh bone, one pack of ramen noodles, two tablespoons of canned sweet corn, four slices of ginger, six garlic cloves, four scallions, one onion, two tablespoons of cooking wine, one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, two grams of salt.Step 1: First of all, prepare 400ml water in the pot, add chopped femur bone and two spoons of cooking wine, boil for six minutes with high fire, remove and dry for later use.Step 2: Then prepare another saucepan, add the cooked thigh bone, sliced onion, green onion, garlic cloves, ginger slices, balsamic vinegar, no more than two centimeters of water, boil with high fire first, and then turn to low fire stew for 45 minutes;Add two grams of salt and simmer for another three minutes. Turn off the heat.Step 3: Prepare 350ml boiling water in the pot, put the prepared ramen into it, boil it for five minutes with high fire, remove and put it into a bowl for later use.Step 4: Finally, pour three tablespoons of pork bone soup into the bowl with ramen noodles, then spread the poached eggs, pork bones, sweet corn, and add the right amount of scallion embellish, can give children to eat.Are you feeling pretty good about today’s parenting treat?If you really like today’s dish, try it at home.So today’s parenting food to share here, if you still want to know more about parenting food and knowledge, might as well pay more attention to me!If you do not understand the introduction of the article, you can also talk about the author, I will answer your questions in detail.This article by Yang Dad’s parenting by personal original, welcome a lot of praise, collection, attention, comments oh, we will be there tomorrow.