How did Lin Huiyin, a talented girl of the Republic of China, fight back against her friend Bing Xin’s innuendo?

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Lin Huiyin was one of the most famous talented women in the Republic of China.At that time, the Chinese nation was in the critical period of survival, and a batch of literary talents emerged.At that time, the most famous talented girl was Lin Huiyin.A sentence “You are the April day of the world” is widely spread in the folk, so far everyone read this poem, the figure of Lin Huiyin will emerge in my mind.Lin huiyin was not valued by her parents since childhood, so she began to learn how to communicate with adults at a young age, and gradually developed an outgoing personality.In the public imagination, Lin Huiyin is a graceful, graceful, and very gentle lady.But in fact, Lin huiyin is quite different from the public imagination. She likes to write articles and express her ideas.After she married Liang Sicheng, she invited all her friends to her house and even smoked cigarettes like men.Many people thought she was a far cry from the talented woman who was full of books and poems, but drinking and smoking were common for women in those days.Besides, Lin huiyin smokes just to find creative inspiration, which is one of her few hobbies.Her husband, Liang Sicheng, was also a well-known wit who understood Lin’s little idiosyncrasies.So in their house, it was not uncommon to see celebrities and talents of all kinds gathering together, or talking, or drinking wine and reciting poetry.Although Lin Huiyin is not perfect, but a little temper, but such a strange woman, wrote the world April day poem.No matter how many years have passed since then, her charm has remained strong and she has attracted many talents.If Lin Huiyin is put in the present era, it is a well-known network red.As the saying goes, people are red and wrong.Many of Lin huiyin’s events have been regarded as the capital of discussion after dinner by the public, and xu Zhimo’s events have also been widely known.But most talked about is the story of her split with bing Xin, her former friend, and their mutual satire.Bing xin and Lin Huiyin met in their early years when they were studying abroad. They were fellow countrymen from Fujian province, so they soon chatted together and became good friends who could not tell each other anything.After returning to China, the two kept in regular contact.There was no conflict between them, but with the publication of an article by Bing Xin, the spearhead was directed at Lin Huiyin.As Lin huiyin’s friend, Bing Xin also went to her home.Soon after, Bing xin published the article “The Wife’s Living Room”, in which many details satirized Lin huiyin, such as drinking with various literati, indulging in luxury, smoking and being Bohemian.Liang sicheng looked insignificant in front of Lin Huiyin, and the outsiders completely ignored his master.The article describes Lin huiyin as a social butterfly, making friends with people everywhere.Also clearly expressed their disgust to this scene, feeling very low mi.When the article came out, the literary circle exploded. Everyone knew who Bing Xin was satirizing in the article, and some even sent the article directly to Lin Huiyin.Lin huiyin’s subsequent response was amazing. She brought back a jar of old vinegar to Bing Xin in Shanxi, and made a metaphor for people. She clearly satirized Bing Xin because she was jealous of Lin because she did not have the social skills.Although people at that time were very reserved and did not directly break the relationship, Lin huiyin’s move is undoubtedly to confirm bing Xin’s intention in writing the article.With the end of this thing, Lin Huiyin and Bing Xin’s friendship is broken.In fact, it can be seen from their personalities that they could become friends in the early days simply because they were in the same town.Lin Huiyin life is more casual, outgoing love to make friends with people.Bing Xin has not eaten any bitterness since childhood, temper a little pampered, and take the initiative to attack their dislike of things.After decades of acrimony, Lin died.The bell must be a bell, and finally Bing Xin came forward to praise Lin Huiyin to end the dispute between the two people.Lin Huiyin and Bing Xin are two of the most talented women, respectively, they left a lot of excellent literary works.While Lin’s works tend to be classical, Bing Xin’s are more prose fiction.The talent of two people attainments are very high, just because of a little trifle just make finally so situation.Right or wrong, neither of them was wrong, but in the circumstances of the time, one liked casual sex, the other hated wine and meat.Different philosophies led to a split, but in the end, both of them blossomed and were fine.We might as well have a look at the modern celebrity writers, basically there are some negative news, but it does not affect their talent and creation, they still left a wonderful work after another.No one is perfect, they are a life of flesh and blood, naturally also have their own temperament.When we look at historical figures, we should not judge them from a commanding position, but take a comprehensive, objective and transparent view.