The track of a new asymptomatic patient in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone was announced

2022-06-06 0 By

Notice of Zhangzhou COVID-19 Response Headquarters (2022) No. 16 At 23:00 on 26 March, a new asymptomatic novel coronavirus infection was reported in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone. As of 24:00 on 26 March, there were 2 cumulative confirmed cases and 2 asymptomatic coronavirus infections in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone.The details are as follows: Case 4: the transit truck driver, a close contact of case 3, is a key person under centralized quarantine control.26 March Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test, initial screening positive.The positive nucleic acid test of the Municipal CDC, combined with the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, imaging findings and laboratory test results, and confirmed by the municipal expert group as asymptomatic infection of the Novel Coronavirus, has been transferred to a designated municipal hospital for isolation and medical observation.In order to implement the general strategy of “prevent import from abroad and prevent rebound from home” and the general policy of “dynamic zero elimination”, people from medium-high risk areas are requested to cooperate with the implementation of traffic health service monitoring and other prevention and control measures in accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and report to their villages (communities).At the same time, the general public should pay attention to their own health conditions, raise awareness of prevention, standardize the wearing of masks, maintain a safe distance, and do a good job of personal protection.Zhangzhou High-tech Zone For Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Response Headquarters March 27, 2022