Who: ‘Dangerous’ to think COVID-19 is over

2022-06-06 0 By

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at the 58th Munich Security Conference in Germany on Monday that it is “dangerous” for some countries to think the COVID-19 pandemic is over.He called for greater cooperation and funding to address the common threat posed by COVID-19.It is “dangerous” for some countries to think the COVID-19 pandemic is over because of high vaccination rates, Tedros said during a panel discussion titled “Recovery Early: Finding a way out of the epidemic.”The threat posed by the novel Coronavirus strain of omicron cannot be ignored.At present, around 70,000 people worldwide die in novel coronavirus cases every week, with 83% of the population in African countries not yet vaccinated against COVID-19, and the region’s health systems are overwhelmed and close to collapse, Tedros said.”In that case, it’s easy for a more contagious and dangerous variant to emerge.”Tedros called on countries to actively fund the WHO-led Access to COVID-19 Tool Accelerator to fill this year’s US $16 billion funding gap to provide vaccines, tests, treatments and personal protective equipment globally.Mr Tedros said when the outbreak would end was “not a matter of chance, but of choice”.”We need cooperation and stronger systems and tools to prevent, detect and respond quickly to outbreaks” in the face of the shared threat posed by COVID-19.The 58th Munich Security Conference opened Wednesday in Munich, Germany.The situation in Ukraine, COVID-19, climate change and regional hotspot issues will be the focus of the meeting.(Xinhua)