World of Warcraft TBC: The group of monsters may be disbanded, equipment value is zero, Alexander the Sparkler

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The world of Warcraft TBC vane gradually changed a little bit, maybe at the end of P2 or P3 I started to see the real World of Warcraft, why?Itself is not a world of warcraft G with the theory of games, after all, had more friends and relatives regiment regiment is or is the guild, G group at the beginning belongs to a small group, and even high popularity as well roll group, but into the TBC G group after the newfound popularity could be and flocking to a batch of G the theory of money, so what had happened to the P3 phase change?Compared with the high auction prices of equipment in the previous group, the activity of equipment in P3 stage is lower than that in P2 stage, because P2 stage only starts the bidding mode of 512 when it is weakened in the middle stage. However, after entering P3 stage, all these have changed.In the initial stage of development, many G groups began to auction with 512 starting price, and with the increase of egg knife drop rate, double egg knife has become common.There’s a lot to be said for this, but the drop in team difficulty is a big part of it. With the drop in team difficulty making it easier for players to break ground, in the first week more than 5000 teams cleared Mount Hyjal and the Dark Temple, doubling the progress of NAXX in P2 and P1.Of course, although the difficulty is reduced, there are still a lot of players stuck in the group, so in a period of time, the car repair group became very popular, and the car repair group is favored by the ribs because of its high income.Car group dispute has been, however, because some players so-called car source is not normal, because a lot of the first group did not play after meet will continue to play the next day, but some have to sell the CD to some G group or some ribs from let them continue to follow up, will typically sell CD according to the schedule to G coin but generally is not much,In other words, a player has sold all the CDS of other players, so there is often a controversy over stolen CDS, but it is difficult to find a GM to solve the problem.Stealing CDS happens all the time, but players even default to each other, as long as they don’t play the first time, then anyone can sell the CD, so most players don’t say anything when they find out their CD has been stolen.But there is also a group of P3 stage overturned, for the ribs as long as the method can earn G coins is a good way, and the previous several stages are limited by the wild monster dropped goods too poor, so there are few wild monster group, but P3 wild monster group has appeared.The dark temple is one of the key points of P3, not only the BOSS drop equipment is very valuable, but also the small monsters in the dark Temple drop equipment is very valuable, because P3 add haste equipment is not many, so players are in urgent need of some equipment that can equip haste and easy to access.This is when the monsters of the Dark Temple caught the attention of players, because the monsters in the game will drop three rings: the Catastrophe Ring, the Karapo Blessing Ring and the Ring of Ancient Knowledge.What is the value of these three rings?Although these three rings are small strange dropped, but because these three rings have a rapid bonus, so so far many professional graduation outfit are using one of the three rings or the graduation outfit.Although the value of these three rings is so large, it still belongs to the relatively bleak auction from the current group, rarely heard of the high price, the general price is around 2000G coins, some even 1000G coins were missed by people.Therefore, after the official difficulty of the group was lowered, players felt the charm of TBC, and many sparerib people who had been running for G coins lost hope, because even with the strong support of egg knife, the performance of the group in stage P3 was still poor.Not nearly as many as the P2 auction, at least in the early stage of P2 there was a lot of equipment that kept hitting new highs, but in P3 it was harder.Therefore, stage P3 is more focused on TBC in players’ minds, allowing players to get better equipment at a lower price.