Five departments, including the Ministry of Education, will strengthen the teaching management of online open courses in colleges and universities

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Beijing, April 5 (reporter Yan Yiqiao) Reporter learned from the Ministry of Education:To regulate online open courses in colleges and universities teaching management, recently, the Ministry of Education, the central net letter office, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, market supervision, the Ministry of Public Security administration and so on five departments jointly issued by the “on strengthening online open course of common colleges and universities teaching management of several opinions” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), the requirements included in the daily teaching management will be open online courses,Online and offline courses should be managed and required in the same way.Colleges and universities should standardize management systems such as course selection, teaching, evaluation, supervision and credit recognition. They should not choose open online courses with outdated content and poor service quality, and should not completely hand over open online courses exams to third parties such as online course platforms, the guideline said.In strict student online learning standard and examination discipline, “opinion” is put forward, it is forbidden to lend personal learning account for others to use, it is strictly prohibited by illegal software or entrust a third party to provide the technique of artificial or service methods such as learning records and test scores for “brush” class “for” “brush” test “their stead” behavior, it is strictly prohibited in any form transmission course exam content and answer.Once the violation is confirmed, the university where the student is involved will cancel the course score and give corresponding punishment according to the circumstances, which will be recorded in the student archives.The opinions require that the supervision system of course platforms be improved.The education administrative department of The State Council entrusts third-party institutions to build a teaching management and service platform for open online courses in colleges and universities, and monitor the teaching process of open online courses with big data.The platform providing credit courses must provide the open user identity data, open course access data, learning behavior data and relevant operation data to the online open course teaching management and service platform of colleges and universities, so as to facilitate the education administrative department to supervise the course quality and teaching process.It is reported that the Education administration department of The State Council and the provincial education administration department take the lead in charge of online open course teaching management work, overall plan to guide and supervise the implementation of the main responsibility of the school, in conjunction with the national and provincial network information, telecommunications, public security, market supervision and other departments to carry out joint governance, the establishment of multi-department collaborative linkage mechanism.According to the research and judgment opinions provided by relevant departments, the network information department will dispose of the “course brushing” APP and platforms and accounts that illegally sell courses.Telecom authorities will deal with illegal websites and apps identified by relevant authorities according to law.Public security authorities have cracked down on illegal activities that use hackers to provide paid “class brushing” services.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: