Kamen Rider sword: The centipede undead beast’s combat power is really mediocre, the most powerful existence in category 10

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Original author: Chill.As kamen knight sword, the centipede undead beast with the brand number of Qin Floor Moon is 10. The first undead beast sealed by the knight system in the plot is very unlined compared to several other undead animals with the same brand.The main reason lies in its ability as a card, and in the few appearances that it does appear to be fighting on the front, it does not match the brand.The centipede undead beast, which officially appeared in the fifth part of the plot, retained its original nature and lived in a cave near the sea after being unsealed.Plot is called “cave cave”, and the centipede undead beast is using the legend of this cave to attract people to come, and its venom attack.The M.O. is basically setting traps and waiting for them, so from that point of view, this undead beast may have some intelligence, but he’s definitely not a fighter!In theory, the centipede undead beast is the ancestor of all the centipede types in kamen Rider Sword’s world view.Of course in ancient times in the ultimate battle, should be defeated early to seal.So now as a loser group of centipede can only live in a lower body posture far away from human corner, but the centipede undead beast has perfectly retained the biological attributes of the centipede!In terms of appearance, the reduction of the biological prototype of the centipede undead beast is very clear. Although there are not as many feet as the centipede, its physical features are the same, but as the undead beast, it is upright.In addition, in terms of fighting mode, the centipede undead animal retains the fine tradition of the centipede’s poison. Therefore, when the subconscious is cleaning up the earth, it attacks ordinary people by releasing venom.Of course, the centipede toxin is not fatal to the average human, but it is enough to destroy the human immune system.As for whether the toxin has any effect on Kamen Rider, it is not that damaging according to the performance of the plot.In the aspect of close combat, the centipede undead beast can be described as rotten. The orange predecessors who are not in good condition can easily beat it back. Kenzaki also briefly fought with it, which is also due to the obvious suppression state.As for Aikawa, he slowed down his attack to look for antibodies.However, for the general undead beast with the brand number of 10, it is obviously not intelligent enough. In its eyes, Aikawa shi is not his opponent, so after breaking the attack of the other side, the centipede undead beast is to show its own chain attack.However, the effect is very general, and in the xiangkawa shi after finding the location of the antibody, only with three moves to defeat it, which is still used before the seal of the vine undead beast power.This shows that although the centipede undead beast fighting in various ways, but its actual combat power is really vulnerable.Even special venoms can only be used to bully the average human!The most interesting of the 10 undead is in the sword scenario. The category 10 undead is very confusing in terms of their abilities, mainly because they are easily defeated as undead, but as cards they tend to have some uncanny abilities.For example, 10 of Spades scarab is a stop-time ability, 10 of clubs is unseal, and 10 of Diamonds is invisibility and transfiguration.The Red 10 Centipede undead is more awkward, its ability is shuffling cards, and its official definition of beautification is subverting the battlefield.This shows how embarrassing shuffle this ability is, generally speaking, whether Kagawa or other 3 artificial kamen knight, in the choice of cards are not blind selection, but according to their ability to match, so this shuffle or overturn the battlefield is useless.Of course, there is no clear definition of this shuffle is to wash their own or wash the opponent, if it is to wash the opponent that can overturn the battlefield.For example, When Kenzaki tried to fight with his Thunderbolt card, he was reshuffled into a stonebrush beetle shield.Perhaps for this reason, after one of the strongest knights made his debut and knocked down Aikawa with the power of his rookie matchup, he was ready to swipe the Centipede Undead card just to shuffle his opponent’s deck.But unfortunately, the strongest knight of plum blossom 10 is obviously more severe, directly to the centipede undead beast to unlock, and also their own frozen seal temporarily as their own.Therefore, even if the centipede undead beast has the ability to overturn the battlefield, but in the actual battle is still the most weak existence.Even though it was unsealed twice, its poor performance made it impossible for it to be a line-up card in the plot.So the centipede undead beast, is not only a waste of 10 this brand, but also their own strength directly into the useless junior undead beast!