National Energy Administration: to further enhance the capacity of thermal coal supply and transportation

2022-06-07 0 By

From midnight on April 8, the railway authorities will optimize the operation structure of the Hoji Railway, increasing the number of heavy-haul trains from 4 to 8 to further improve the capacity of the north-to-south heavy-haul railway.Using the capacity of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway (601816), 4 new coal trains will be added from Waari Railway to Beijing-Shanghai High-speed railway.To improve xinjiang’s coal transport capacity, 14 cargo trains will be added to Xinjiang through Dunhuang Line and Lanqing Line by using Dunhuang Line.According to the demand for medium – and long-term coal transport contracts in 2022, an additional 54 direct coal cargo trains across the Railway Administration Group will be opened to further enhance the coal supply and transportation capacity.(Xinhua)