New Year’s Speech | Jia Xiaoguang, Director of Tiexi District Education Bureau: Stick to the original aspiration and mission, and write a new chapter of Happy education in Tiexi District

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Go to education stars sea together to the future year order replacement, Hua Zhang New day.”2022″ spring day quietly opened, we bathed in the warm sun, carefully recall the past extraordinary and moved, affectionate flying tomorrow’s vision and dream.At this beautiful moment, the directors of education bureau of shenyang city district send their wishes for the 2022 New Year. The majority of educators will continue to adhere to the original mission of “educating people for the Party and the country”, and go to the sea of stars in education and go to the future together.Year order changes, vientiane is renewed.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the New Year, ON behalf of the district Education Bureau team and all its members, I would like to extend my Spring Festival greetings to the district’s hard-working staff and retired teachers who are committed to the development of education;To the district students and parents to express heartfelt blessing;I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life who care and support the development of Tiexi education.In 2021, the district education staff unity, forge ahead, hard work and dedication, education has made outstanding achievements in all aspects, education “14 five” a powerful start, blowing the horn of forge ahead to build tiexi happy education brand!In this year, we achieved outstanding achievements in party building, and made solid progress in party history study. The July 1 report performance of “Praising the Centennial Music and The Opening Song of Tiexi Education” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party stimulated morale and morale, showing the persistence, responsibility, expansion, inclusiveness and pursuit of Tiexi education staff.This year, Tiexi high school college entrance examination achieved another good performance, the number of “three schools” in the high school entrance examination ranked second in the city, made a historic breakthrough;There are 358 students in the high section of the college entrance examination (more than 600 points) in the district. The proportion and number of examinees are among the best in the city. The high score rates of humanities and science are among the top in the city.This year, our compulsory education curriculum reform highlights frequent, solid national subject “intelligence classroom and thinking training” experimental area work, leading the new direction of regional curriculum reform.Preschool education reform continues to deepen, as anji game promotion provincial experimental area, the first trial, reform demonstration.The Special Education Group has been established with a steady momentum of development. The Vocational Education College has opened and recruited students. The new international school has been completed, and four new schools including The Sino-German Talent School have been put into use.We have built a leading education team in Tiexi, with excellent business, reasonable structure and full of vitality. Four principals and teachers have been awarded as senior teachers, reflecting the professional strength of Tiexi teachers.A total of 604 new teachers were recruited to add new vitality to the education sector.The establishment and promotion of Shenyang Smart Education Demonstration Zone was launched in Tiexi.Tiexi district “double reduction” work experience in the national primary and secondary school principals forum exchange, on the Ministry of Education “China Teachers newspaper.In this year, Tiexi School’s characteristic development situation was gratified. It hosted the basketball league of senior high schools in the Northern Division, and middle School 31 won the championship of basketball Championship of Middle school students in Liaoning Province. The launching ceremony of the third National Ice and Snow Sports Games of Liaoning province and Shenyang was held in Tiexi District, and 7 schools in Tiexi District won the title of Liaoning Civilized Campus.Faculty and staff across the system have braved the odds and made positive contributions to ensuring a successful review.Every difficulty we have overcome, every highlight we have harvested and every progress we have made in the past year are infused with the wisdom and sweat of educating people, as well as the efforts and efforts we have made to educate people.Everyone is amazing!Here, I give you a thumbs up!Hear drum, seize the day to start a new journey.In the New Year, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, under the strong leadership of tiexi District Party Committee and district government, fully implement the Party’s education policy, focusing on “making up weak points, strengthening advantages, promoting balance and optimizing ecology”, and thoroughly implement the “ten highlights of action” : education party building leads, boosting the new liberation of thought;Double reduction reform to improve quality, reconstruction of new educational state;Comprehensive education action, the new normal of virtue;The quality of education is improved, and the quality and balance of new development;Expansion of educational resources, new renovation of school conditions;The leader leads the way, the cadre troop new vigor;Teacher ethics construction, new atmosphere of teachers;Image publicity and shaping, new brand of education style;Smart regional demonstration to create a new future of education;Comprehensive management of education, crack difficult new ideas.We will strive to create a “comfortable, interesting, substantial and safe” education environment, and build our district into a happy education pioneer zone where students enjoy learning, teachers enjoy teaching and society is satisfied.The new blueprint has been drawn, the new goal has been formulated, let us strive to break through, actively when the vanguard, and strive to do a good job of tiexi happy education people satisfied, with practical action and outstanding results to meet the party’s twenty victory held.Wish our great motherland prosperity and prosperity.Wish Tiexi education day by day, continuous innovation!I wish you all good health, good luck and happiness in the New Year.Let us down to earth, together to the future!