Primary school is an important stage in a child’s life

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Parent-child companionship plays a very important role in family education. Whether a child can grow up healthily is directly related to the efficiency of parent-child companionship.Especially when the child is in primary school, because the child’s living environment has suddenly changed greatly, the child may have a series of growth problems, at this time it is very necessary for parents to accompany, to comfort the child’s mind, to help children to solve their doubts, to correct the child’s mistakes and so on.However, unfortunately, many parents do not realize that primary school is a turning point in the growth of children, do not realize that primary school, children may have a lot of growth problems.In addition, when children are in primary school, parents are at the peak of their careers and are often busy with work, which leads to parents not doing well in parent-child companionship, neglecting to communicate with their children, accompany their children, and interact with their children.In the absence of parent-child companionship, the growth of children is very likely to deviate, or can not get benign growth, resulting in some negative psychology, negative character, incorrect cognition and wrong ideas, etc.And also because of the lack of parent-child companionship, parents can not timely learn the growth and change of children, it is impossible to timely discover the problems on the road of children’s growth, and then can not timely intervene and correct the negative changes of children.So what are children most vulnerable to in this situation?What is the impact of a child’s lack of companionship?1) Personality may become cranky and extreme the child’s personality may become cranky or depressed.Because when children encounter problems in life, they can not get timely attention and help from parents, which problems will cause long-term confusion for children.Children can not effectively and correctly regulate their own psychological state, unable to release their negative emotions and so on, it may lead to changes in the child’s personality, gradually become extreme, and even make some extreme behaviors.Such as running away from home, suicide, frequent use of violence and so on.2) Easy to produce inferiority complex when children are not accompanied by their parents, they may have a sense of inferiority.Because the child will feel a kind of indifference to their parents, they do not care about and so on, the child’s psychology will become sensitive, become afraid to face some things.And children may doubt themselves, doubt that they are not good enough, doubt their ability is not in place, doubt that they are really stupid and so on.3) Parent-child relationship can not maintain this is a very natural situation, when children and parents lack of communication, the relationship between parents and children will inevitably gradually estranged.This is actually the same as with human communication, there is no intersection for a long time, natural relationship will become weak.4) The lack of family sense of responsibility is not strong, so that children can not feel the warmth of the family, feel the happiness of the family, in the children’s awareness, the family consciousness will become weak, resulting in children’s sense of family sense of responsibility is not strong, and even no concept of family.This has a great impact on children, not only in their childhood, but also when children grow up and get married, they will also face this kind of problem, affecting the harmony of the family.How should parents accompany their children?So, in primary school, how should parents accompany their children, can benefit a lot?(1) to ensure enough time in primary school, children have encountered problem is more, and their physiological changes and psychological changes are more frequently, so parents should as far as possible to ensure that the more time, so you can pay enough to support the growth of children, to let the children have enough sense of security, so as to concentrate on developing its own.② Pay attention to the true display of emotion parents to accompany their children, is a heart-to-heart communication, rather than a formalism.Now many parents may be influenced by the society or work, self-deceiving themselves to think that it is good to accompany their children, and do not show their heart to their children, just perfunctory, which is not effective.Whether the parents are sincere, the child is able to feel, if you are not sincere to the child, it is better not to accompany, fake affection will even play a counter-effect.③ Listen carefully to children in the process of communicating with their children, parents should realize that they are not the protagonist of the whole behavior, so if the process of communication, the child is expressing his own opinions or narrating some things, even if the parents feel boring, but also to listen carefully.Because, any words of the child, may reveal the child’s values, right and wrong view, knowledge reserve, cognition and so on, parents should learn to listen, to be able to find children in the growth of hidden problems encountered.Having said so much, it is possible that many parents still do not know how to accompany their children, so it is suggested that parents can take a look at “accompany children through six years of primary school” this book.Ms. Yu Min, the author of this book, is a senior teacher with 20 years of teaching experience. She has a unique understanding and insight on children’s learning, education and psychology.In addition, she believes that the sixth year of primary school is the critical and golden period for children’s growth. In this period, if children can develop good learning habits and personality traits, it will have a profound impact on their future life.Primary school six years, children in each year’s growth and change are different, so parents should be targeted to the children’s guidance and education, in order to play a significant role.This book is detailed for parents to introduce the key parenting methods of children at each stage, as well as with a large number of classic cases, to parents to elaborate on the method of education, also give a large number of practical guidance and suggestions, to help parents solve the confusion of education, give parents the biggest help.This book can be said to be a very professional tutor guide, parents are necessary parenting “good helper”, if you are the parents of primary school students, then might as well look at this book.Click the link below to place your order