A gift from nature!A man from Heilongjiang broke open the 1-meter-thick ice and was surprised by what lay beneath

2022-06-08 0 By

A few days ago, several villagers in Mudan River, Heilongjiang province, found a large number of frozen fish, shrimp and crabs and other aquatic products on the riverbed after breaking up the ice as thick as 1 meter.The villagers were pleasantly surprised that breaking through the thick ice had paid off.But this is not to be expected, because it has become a rule.According to the villager Mr. Zhang, the original here in 10,000 years ago had a volcanic eruption, the formation of a volcanic platform.In winter, when the surface of the lake freezes, what little water is left at the bottom seeps through the cracks, and fish that have lost their water become frozen in the riverbed.If villagers don’t harvest in time, the fish will stink when the ice thaws in the spring.”It was not easy for the fish to survive a summer without being caught, but it froze to death in the winter,” commented netizens.”From guangdong in the south, I saw such thick ice, indicating that two rows of teeth were trembling. How many degrees below zero?””Don’t fool people, spring will be alive.Don’t give yourself some lofty excuse, just take it as it comes, don’t talk about useless things.”First of all, we have to say that this is really the gift of nature, the textbook said that the northeast area “roe deer scoop with a stick”, it seems that there is no lie, as expected is abundant.In addition, I saw many netizens saying that when spring comes, the fish will come back to life.I looked it up and found that some fish do survive the long winter freeze (essentially, they don’t die at all), but only a small minority, and many more fish, shrimp and crabs that can’t be frozen for long periods of time will definitely die.So the villagers went to get it, no problem.What do you think?