Enjoy reading the famous Chinese poems and sentences in past dynasties

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The long wind and waves will sometimes hang the clouds and sails to the sea.”There will be times when the wind and waves are long, and the clouds and sails are straight to the sea” is the sentence in Li Bai’s poem “The Journey is Difficult (I)”. The whole poem is: golden bottles of sake bucket ten thousand, jade plate treasure shame straight ten thousand money.Stop cup cast zhu can’t eat, draw sword four gu Heart at a loss.To cross the Yellow River ice jam sichuan, will ascend taihang snow full mountain.Idle fishing on the blue stream, suddenly take a boat dream day side.On the difficult!On the difficult!Many different roads, now where?Long wind and waves will sometimes, straight sail to the sea.”The road is difficult” is an old yuefu problem.This is the first of three poems written by Li Bai on the subject of “Travelling is difficult”.In the first year of Tianbao (742), due to the praise of Princess Yuzhen and He Zhizhang, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty read Li Bai’s poems and later summoned Li Bai to his palace.On the day that Li Bai went to court, Emperor Xuanzong stepped on his chariot to welcome him.When Xuanzong asked about some current affairs, Li Bai, based on his lifelong learning and long-term observation of society, had a perfect answer.Xuanzong greatly appreciated, then ordered Li Bai to sacrifice the academician, the task is to accompany the emperor around, write poems for the emperor’s entertainment.Whenever Xuanzong had a banquet or outing, he would order li Bai to make use of his quick poetic talent to compose poems and record facts.Li Bai was favored by emperor Xuanzong, and some people envied him and hated him.After a long time, Li Bai also felt tired of the life of the imperial scholar, so he indulged himself in drinking. “The Emperor refused to board the ship, claiming that he was a fairy in wine”.Xuanzong sent his emissaries, but Li Bai ignored them.According to legend, Li Bai was once drunk in draft edict, lead foot gao Lishi boots.Li Bai treated his court-servants with such an arrogant attitude that they naturally hated him and spoke ill of Li Bai in front of Xuanzong, so Xuanzong alienated Li Bai, “granted him gold and released him”, and drove Li Bai out of the capital chang ‘an in a disguised way.The three pieces of Difficult Journey were written when Li Bai left Chang ‘an.”Golden bottles of sake bucket ten thousand, jade plate treasure shame straight ten thousand money.Stop cup cast zhu can’t eat, draw sword four gu heart at a loss.”Write friends set a feast for Li Bai farewell dinner.Li Bai, who “would drink 300 cups”, stopped drinking and cast chopsticks, drew his sword and looked around. These behaviors showed the poet’s inner bitterness and anger.”To cross the Yellow River ice jam sichuan, will climb taihang snow full mountain.”The poet used the phenomena of “ice blocking rivers” and “snow covering mountains” in nature to symbolize the difficulties of life.”Idle fishing on the green stream, suddenly back in a boat dreaming of the sun.”The previous sentence with jiang Ziya met King Wen of Zhou allusion.Jiang Ziya fished in 磻 Stream of Weishui river and was appreciated by King Wen of Zhou. Then he helped Zhou destroy Shang and created the eight-hundred-year foundation of the Zhou Dynasty.The last sentence with Yi Yin get shang Tang reuse allusion.Yi Yin had a dream that he was passing by Japan in a boat. Later, he was appointed by shang Tang to help shang destroy the summer.Li Bai expressed his desire to be reused with two allusions.”Difficult road!On the difficult!Where are you today?”Continue the previous two sentences, in the expression of the desire to return to reality, regrets the difficult road of life.”There will be times when the wind and waves will break, and the clouds and sails will sail the sea.”These two sentences use juvenile court allusion.According to the Biography of Court Court in Song Book, when he was a teenager, his uncle Zong Bing asked him what he wanted to do. He said, “Let’s ride the long wind to break the waves.”Zongque later became a general of the Southern Song Dynasty.Li Bai used this allusion to show that his lofty ideal will be realized.”Long wind and waves will sometimes, straight hanging cloud sail ji sea” is Li Bai suffered from life after the poem, full of confidence in the future, life, which has not satisfied, there is unyielding, confident, there are expectations, optimistic, heroic, but not “laugh out of the sky, my generation is not penghao people” wild and flirtatious.When people encounter setbacks, they often think of this group of poems, and when they look forward to the future, they will also use this group of poems to express their pride.”The long wind and waves will sometimes, straight sail to the sea” so deeply rooted in the people, become a famous sentence.