Esbijo home record, colo continued hot state, Hermansch to maintain the leading position

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Esbijoor was able to finish third in the Danish First division in its first season.This season can be directly plummeted to the bottom of the third, can be said to be a very obvious regression.The team has been very strong at home this season, winning almost all their games at home.Four Danish league wins since Last September, most recently a 3-0 home win over sixth-placed Nikibin.The team has now gone seven games without a win and has been in a slump of late.Similar to Esbiyo’s fate, Hobro joined the Danish first division last season and finished eighth.This season is on a par with last season, coming back from the winter break with three wins and a draw to remain unbeaten.The regular season ended with a draw away to second-bottom side Armagerre.He has won just one of his last ten away games, conceding goals in almost all of them, and has shown a marked lack of defensive ability.Esbijo may have won four straight in the history of the two teams, and the last meeting was a 6-2 away thrashing of Hobro, but it has been six months since the two teams met, and the current situation is very different.This service is optimistic attack ability stronger Hobro in away have better play.This: personally think hobro away win.Chile a: Ms. Crowe VS card laila united match time: on April 1, 2022 surf event analysis: (six meetings recently, she 2-4-0, advantage) : is it going with the home she is from Chile of the giants, after 2020 years at the bottom of the trough, to rediscover state last season ranked second came to the table.Only two points behind the leaders corbresso this season.Colo, who have won three games in a row, thrashed 10th place Palestino 5-0 last time around, and new striker Luclo was in hot form with two goals.We have won seven of our last ten league games at home.They beat universidad De Chile 4-1 in their last home match.Visiting team status: Lecala United, traditionally a strong team in Chile a, finished sixth and worst in the last four seasons.And the new season is currently ranked only 11th, the points are only half of the opponent.La Calera are unbeaten in six matches in all competitions, including a two-legged win over third-placed Nublens in the Copa del Sur and a tie away to second-bottom Antofagasta in the last round of the league.They have lost only one of their last ten league games away from home and are now scoreless on all three occasions.Kolo holds the record of two wins and four draws between the two teams.In terms of recent form, Kolo has been on fire in attack, while opponents have drawn most of the matches so far.So this game looks good on the home team Kolo is superior.This field: personally think colo home win.Match analysis: Hermansch won 2, drew 2 and lost 1 in the last 5 matches. Home team Status: Hermansch just joined the Romanian Second Division Group 1 last season and finished second.At the start of the new season, the team is currently at the top of the table, so it can be said that from the current momentum, maintaining the steady performance of last season.The team has won six of its last ten games.In the last round of the league, Hermansch beat fourth-placed Slobo at home, taking an early lead in the first half and then winning again. The attack was in good shape and the strikers were strong and playing well.Visiting team status: Congody is currently in second place this season, behind its rivals in points.The team hasn’t been in very good form lately.Nearly ten competitions, Congody mostly to defeat and draw.In the league this season, it was only one win away from goliath, who were in seventh place at the time, so it can be said that the team’s form fluctuated.But it is worth mentioning that the team on the round of league facing CSA cloth away challenge, although the final regret to tie, but the strength of the offensive end not to be underestimated.This game, from both sides of the past record, Hermansch slightly advantage.From the state of the near future, look forward to a more powerful Hermansch home field.This game: I think Hermansch won at home.For more exciting content, come to love sports News