The Lakers and nets won’t even win?The Nets lost 7 in a row. Never before has a team lost 7 in a row won a championship.

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The Nets lost their seventh straight game, 125-102, in Utah.It’s worth noting that the Jazz, who have been on a rough streak winning just two of 13 games, including a four-game losing streak and a five-game losing streak, routed the Nets and won consecutive games for the first time in a month.Of course, Mitchell in today’s game ushered in a comeback, which is also an important reason for the jazz to win.The jazz have been down for a while, too, because of Mitchell’s injury.In addition, Gerber has not played for 10 days, including today’s game.Mitchell finished with 27 points, three rebounds and six assists in 21 minutes on 8-for-10 shooting, including 6-for-7 from 3-point range and 5-for-5 from the free throw line.Conley finished with 14 points, three rebounds, three assists and three steals on 5-of-10 shooting in 23 minutes.Bogdanovic finished with 19 points, 11 rebounds and four assists on 8-of-14 shooting in 29 minutes.Nets side, Harden was absent today’s game, Irving alone lead the team.Irving, who was just so-so in his last game, had 15 points, three rebounds and six assists on 6-for-20 shooting in 32 minutes.Thomas made 11 of 19 shots in 31 minutes, including 3 of 7 from 3-point range and 5 of 6 from the free throw line. He finished with 30 points, two rebounds and four assists, a season high.For the goal in the championship of the Nets, 7 consecutive loss is unacceptable.The Nets are 2-8 since Durant was sidelined, and that’s not to be taken away.It’s worth noting that no team has ever won a championship after losing seven games in a row during the regular season.With the current state of the Nets, their chances of winning a title this season are slim indeed.Not only that, but the Nets triumvirate could unravel, with Harden likely to trade with Simmons at the trade deadline.Like the Nets, the lakers have had a terrible season, coming off as favorites to win the NBA championship, finishing ninth in the Western Conference and even more out of reach of the playoffs.In other words, the lakers and nets, two of the favorites to win this season, both have a big Three.