With a range of 311 kilometers, the Kleway CLEVER is on the market

2022-06-08 0 By

Then on March 23, SAIC Roewe’s small boutique electric car – new Kelaiwei CLEVER officially comes on the market, the release is the endurance up to 311km Yuanqi Boba version, the official guide price is 59999 yuan.With a roomier model size and more intelligent configurations, the car is a direct rival to wuling MINIEV’s highly-equipped version.Just as Wuling MINIEV launched the Macaron version, Cleve CLEVER also injected cool fashion into the Vitality Bobo version this time.This car is on the 3140mm smart car with full score of MOE fun. The new “yellow Cheese” car color with MAX emotional saturation is as mellow and delicious as rich cheese, and the fresh Q bomb “white coconut” car color forms a colorful fashion pair.The car also has a new boomerang aluminum alloy wheels unique modeling, extraordinary personality, let the infinite vitality of Cleve CLEVER meng cool double.Kleway CLEVER Genki Bobo version with the body color of the dazzling capsule elements to deduce the smart theme of the interior, the use of anti-curved surface design of the new dazzling black leather integral seat, can effectively enhance the sense of vision, with the foldable rear leather ergonomic seat, to ensure comfort.The car also has a 367L large trunk free storage space, new accessible door panel storage box, and a 9-inch HIGH-DEFINITION LED touch screen, which may become the “killer” of Wuling MINIEV.The car also has a 311km ultra-long endurance and lithium iron phosphate battery double upgrade, which not only brings a higher cost performance for this model, but also ensures a safer travel experience for users.However, NFC intelligent entry system and other rare technological configurations at the same level are added to allow users to have the same convenient operation as high-end electric vehicles.Not only is the battery powerful, but the battery can be fully charged in 5.5 hours using a 6.6kW home charging post.IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade, aviation grade thermal runaway management system, bring battery safety “double insurance”.Colorful appearance, smart interior and higher battery life, intelligent security, so that the CLEVER 311KM CLEVER Bobo version of the upgrade is a lot of highlights, although the official guide price of 59999 yuan is higher than wuling MINIEV, but the car is not only more intelligent,Moreover, Roewe also launched such preferential activities as lifetime original warranty (the first owner) and 18-term zero-interest loan (the down payment is as low as 20%) to further reduce the cost of car ownership for young people.With the launch of Cleve CLEVER 311KM, SAIC Roewe will continue to make efforts in the pure electric product sequence, bringing consumers a more pleasant, technological and environmentally friendly driving experience, and Wuling MINIEV has ushered in a new and strong competitor.