(5) What is folk custom? What is folk custom?

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Auspicious year of the tiger a happy New Year Spring Festival Taurus bowed out, tiggo or dingle spring New Year new atmosphere, all things often update section hundred years, led by the most of the Chinese nation’s traditional Spring Festival holiday, its origins can be traced back to ancient times, all kinds of the folklore and legend story after one thousand years of accumulation of new to this, during which condenses the profound cultural connotation,And in the inheritance and development of bearing rich historical background.Now the nation is entering a new era.It is still indispensable to carry forward and inherit the tradition, in which we can glimpse the long history, the whole Chinese nation’s love for life and hope for a better future.On the occasion of the national Celebration of the Spring Festival, our library hereby launches the Online resource recommendation series of Lushan County Library for the Spring Festival, combining various kinds of knowledge and books with traditional culture as the core, leading readers to personally experience and share the fun brought by the traditional culture, and welcome the happy New Year in the elegant charm of books and laughter.China is a country with a long history of folk culture, folk culture is not only the continuation of history, but also will continue to continue.It is this folk culture, in the process of its formation and development, that has created the spiritual tradition and humanistic character of the Chinese nation. Therefore, carrying forward the Chinese folk culture tradition is of great significance to enhance the cohesion of the Chinese nation.Today lushan County Library Spring Festival online resources recommended: “What is folk, folk what?”.Let us in professor Zheng Tu you’s lecture, to understand what is folklore.What is Folklore, What is Folklore?We often refer to “folklore”, but what is folklore?Conceptually speaking, it is a kind of custom rules, is the summary of people’s experience and wisdom crystallization.Back to real life, it can be festival customs, folk beliefs, filial piety, even food, clothing, housing and transportation.Folk customs not only come from the past, but also pass on, evolve, renew and move towards the future through each of us.Zheng Tuyou, professor of Chinese language and Literature at Fudan University, is a member of the Expert Committee of Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, and a member of The Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art.He has long been engaged in the investigation and research of folk literature, literary folk custom, faith folk custom and folk culture in Wu language area.His representative works include The Belief of City god of China and a Study on the Singing tradition of Narrative Folk songs in Wu Language.A sweet respect for the coming days is long a complete wish joy ankang Lushan County Library Recommended resources for the Spring Festival start the lunar New Year happy expectations I wish you all the year of tiger tiger