Helin traffic police went into the countryside during the “Spring Festival travel” to carry out the “beautiful village trip” traffic safety publicity activities

2022-06-09 0 By

To do during the Spring Festival transportation traffic safety propaganda work, to further strengthen rural jurisdiction the traffic safety consciousness, legal consciousness and civilization consciousness, effectively prevent and reduce the number of rural road traffic accidents, on February 8, and Lin city traffic brigade red squadron deep ditch village to carry out the “beautiful country” herd traffic safety circuit to preach.In the activity, the squadron police combined with the road conditions of the Spring Festival transport, set up a publicity point in the personnel concentration point, through the issuance of traffic safety publicity materials and other forms, with easy to understand, vivid language, to explain traffic laws and regulations to the masses, spread traffic safety knowledge.In view of the common traffic violations such as overcrowding of rural vans, mixed loading of passengers and goods, illegal carrying of people on trucks, driving motorcycles without helmets, and illegal carrying of passengers and goods on electric tricycles, the police have carried out various kinds of law popularization activities among key groups such as drivers, the elderly and students.Told the masses to improve traffic safety consciousness and self awareness, at the same time, through the typical case to talk about the surrounding, explain to the masses of the related the dangers of traffic violations, suggest you should abandon the bad traffic, consciously resist the traffic violations, strictly abide by the traffic safety laws and regulations, and pay attention to the safe and civilized in traffic, together, safe travel.This activity, to improve farmers’ awareness of road traffic safety protection plays a positive role, vigorously enhance the rural masses’ awareness of traffic safety, civilized awareness, awareness of the rule of law, consciously resist traffic violations and bad traffic habits.