Implement the prevention and control measures, hurry up the resumption of work enterprises sprint for a “good start”

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This article is from:Taiyuan taiyuan station construction too Xin integrated economic zone’s important task of the whole city, leading engineering, accountable, seize every minute, is the year of the strength of the work to start, at the beginning of New Year, related to each unit, the enterprise is prepared on the basis of the epidemic prevention and control of their strength to return to work and production “tiger”, strive for the development of the sprint to the year of the tiger “good start”.Among them, there are many foreign investment enterprises that have settled down in Taiyuan because of its excellent business environment and development prospects. Let’s pay attention to the reports of journalists.Reporter Zhang Xiaoliang: Audience friends, now I come to Shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., located in Taiyuan Zhongbei High-tech Zone.As you can see in the workshop, as soon as the Spring Festival holiday is over, more than 30 workers here have returned to work and started production without a break. While promoting the resumption of work quickly, the strict implementation of various epidemic prevention and control measures is also the top priority of all the work of the enterprise.The reporter learned that Beijing Xinneng Zhengyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, is China’s leading tunnel and underground engineering high-end intelligent equipment research and development, design, production and manufacturing enterprises.As one of the key projects introduced in the development of advanced manufacturing industry in our city, Shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. landed in Taiyuan last August and put into production. Up to now, 10 sets of various equipment have been delivered to customers.In order to fulfill orders in time, normal production resumed on the seventh day of the first lunar month after the Spring Festival.Shanxi new can is source of intelligent equipment co., LTD. General manager Wu silver: this year the domestic major projects, especially in railway highway project construction, including the sichuan-tibet railway, the quantity is very large, have all started, and requires a lot of tunnel construction machinery, heavy equipment so that it presents a challenge for us, so our production task is very heavy this year.Shi Zhongquan, workshop Director of Shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. : This is the production plan that we have been working on since the beginning of the year. When it comes out in the first year of this year, the target is 38 sets of equipment by August 31, 2022.Shi Zhongquan, director of shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan’s production workshop from Yingxian County, Shuozhou, returned to work as soon as the Spring Festival holiday ended this year.Shi zhongquan told us that meticulous epidemic prevention and control policies have been formulated and strictly implemented, from the park to the enterprises, for those workers who return home during the Spring Festival.Shanxi new can is source workshop director intelligent equipment co., LTD Shi Zhongquan: years ago, is also a unit registration, reporting to the north central high-tech zone, back after put seven days off, mount guard, the comprehensive management department in a unified manner, to see everyone’s health code, code, and body temperature monitoring, for body temperature monitoring before going to work every day.In addition to those from within the province, the park and enterprises are required to provide negative nucleic acid test reports within 48 hours before returning to work.In addition, the workshop and office area of the enterprise are equipped with sufficient supplies to implement various prevention and control tasks in daily work.Shi Zhongquan, workshop director of Shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. : There are three groups in the workshop, one group and one watering can, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and they all work after spraying.We have enough disinfectant. After that, we will have two masks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, so that we can use clean masks.Reporters learned that shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan landed in Taiyuan and put into production in the process, has received the full support of municipal and district government departments at all levels, reflecting the “Taiyuan speed” of investment attraction, only half a year, has reached the enterprise standard.In 2022, on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, Shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan will make every effort to resume work and production. It plans to produce more than 60 sets of equipment, with sales volume reaching 150 million yuan and output value exceeding 180 million yuan, injecting vitality into the development of Taixin Integrated Economic Zone.Wu Yinguang, General Manager of Shanxi Xinneng Zhengyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD.Because if we walked according to the production task, may small point, the workshop now, through the district government and the coordination in next door to us there is probably a more than 3000 square meters factory area, is to give us free and free after we expand our production line, better promote the development of taiyuan all-round high quality out of a force, as a responsibility of the enterprise.(Reporter Zhang Xiaoliang Wang Xiaoshi)