Kaifu District: The elderly go through the green channel when entering the nursing home

2022-06-09 0 By

Changsha evening news handheld changsha on March 30 (all media reporters Eunice li correspondent Hu Dudou) on stage of leaving endowment institutions of the old man is an urgent need to return to school, that is because the epidemic prevention requirements, the old man must be 14 days in quarantine and issue a certificate of nucleic acid testing negative to access, however, most institutions themselves have no isolation conditions.Under the threat of COVID-19, elderly people “have no place to go”, what to do?The first centralized observation point for the elderly returning to the nursing home in Changsha was put into use in Kaifu District on July 30.It has 20 observation beds, providing nursing, medical treatment, rehabilitation, social work and catering services.Elderly people whose family members have been left unattended in the front line of COVID-19 prevention and treatment in Kaifu area and those who have returned to hospital can enjoy the green channel service of isolation and return to hospital free of nursing fees.”The elderly in my family need to be taken care of in bed all the time. After the operation, many tubes were inserted into her body. It was very difficult to take care of her at home.The family of Huang Qiuyan, 82, the first resident of the quarantine center, said it was fortunate that the government set up a professional quarantine center in time to ease the heavy burden on the elderly and their families.Huang qiuyan, who had been living in a nursing home in Kaifu District, went to the hospital in early March for treatment for a broken bone.After being cured, all nursing homes in the city were closed for management, and the returned elderly need to be isolated for observation for 14 days, and can be re-admitted to nursing homes by proving negative nucleic acid test within 24 hours.In the middle of a dilemma, this isolation point provided the most pressing relief.At present, kaifu district 12 pension institutions began to implement closure measures since March 15.Under the cooperation and guidance of Lao Dao He Street Health Service Center, Kaifu District Civil Affairs Bureau set up a nursing institution in Lao Dao He Care Center (Lao Dao He street community health Service Center).A total of 20 observation beds were set up for intensive observation, and the key members of the emergency response team in Kaifu Were selected. A 10-member service team covering nursing, medical treatment, rehabilitation, social work and catering was set up to carry out intensive observation work.Considering the practical difficulties in the operation of the nursing institutions during the closure period, the nursing expenses of the returned elderly during the stay will be covered by the Kaifu District Civil Affairs Bureau.Centralized reservation is managed by one room for one person and one bed for one person. Detection area, buffer zone, cleaning area and contaminated area are strictly separated. Elderly channel, emergency channel and material channel are physically separated.The site will accommodate the elderly in urgent need of return to the nursing home and those whose families are in the frontline of the fight against COVID-19.At present, we have received applications from 3 institutions and 5 elderly people who are in urgent need of returning to the hospital for observation.The elderly hold the view that they can stay in the nursing home after negative nucleic acid test within 24 hours and no abnormality in various physical examinations. After 14-day intensive observation and negative nucleic acid test in multiple rounds, they can return to the original nursing home through closed-loop transfer.