Labor Education should have both “Labor” and “Education”

2022-06-09 0 By

Recently, the Department of Education of Zhejiang province issued the implementation guide of labor education in primary and secondary schools in Zhejiang Province, and also issued the labor education action plan of primary and secondary schools, vocational colleges and ordinary colleges.Make it clear that labor education is a compulsory course, with no less than one class hour per week in primary and secondary schools, no less than 16 class hours in vocational colleges, and no less than 32 class hours in undergraduate education.The essence of labor education is to hope that students love labor in labor education, and can get inspiration and enlightenment.The general function of labor education is to apply what is learned in the process of education.Moreover, labor education is closely related to moral education, intellectual education, physical education and aesthetic education.Moral education is the value of cultivating children to love labor through labor education.Let the children think about the principle and mystery of labor, improve and enhance labor efficiency, labor education becomes intellectual education;Labor education can achieve a strong body, enhance the role of physical education;Labor education is aesthetic education when we guide children to use their intelligence to design the beautiful outcome of labor.This means, labor education is not independent, isolated, however a comprehensive very strong discipline.Labor education is an important link of theory with practice, must attach great importance to, and in specific operations, would not be perfunctory, nor just to complete the task, and there should be a more in-depth thinking, let labor education there are both “labor” and “education”, and that should be is the ultimate foothold of labor education.(Originally contained in Guangming net author: Long Minfei excerpts: Liu Chao)