Lebron James is officially saying he can go back to the Cavs. He just wants to play NBA with his son

2022-06-09 0 By

It’s no secret that Los Angeles Lakers star lebron James takes his eldest son Brownie James seriously.It is understood that James chose to play for the Lakers in part so Browne could attend a prestigious school in Los Angeles.Today, Browne is one year away from graduating from high school.According to NBA rules, Browne will be eligible for the NBA draft at age 19.James also wants to support his son in the final year of his career, and he made that clear in a recent interview.Lebron James says he’s open to returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.When James first entered the NBA, he started his career with the Cavaliers.James returned to the Cavaliers in 2010 after winning two championships with the Miami Heat.James helped the Cavaliers win the franchise’s first NBA title in 2016 before moving to the Lakers.Of course, James said his return to the Cavaliers was conditional on wanting to play with his son.James said he wanted to play with Browne the last year of his career. He didn’t care about salary or status. He just wanted to play with Browne.”I’ll go to whoever chooses Brownies.At this point in my basketball career, I don’t have any more personal thoughts.”James said.There is no doubt that James will be a very good player and competitive in the NBA even two years from now.In addition, the spotlight effect of James is very sufficient, who owns James, can have a lot of endorsements and sponsorships.From the looks of it, James has gone to great lengths to pave the way for his son.