The ‘Little Secrets’ of Family Immigration that older Drivers don’t Know

2022-06-09 0 By

On the sixth day of the New Year, all the staff of Qiaoliang abroad wish you a smooth 2022, smooth wind, smooth people, smooth things, everything!In this prosperous day, Qiao Liang went abroad to share with everyone is “those old immigrant drivers do not know the Immigration of the United States relatives of the” little secret “!Family immigration is the most common way of immigration to the United States. The following is to share common problems in the process of family immigration.1. U.S. citizens may file immigration applications for spouses, children (married or unmarried), parents, and siblings.To file for a parent or sibling, a U.S. citizen must be 21 or older;2. Permanent residents can only file immigration applications for their spouse and unmarried children.3. There are two ways for a U.S. citizen or permanent resident to file an immigration application for his/her spouse :(1) if his/her spouse is outside the United States, he/she may file the i-130 form and related documents directly online;(2) If the spouse is in the United States, he/she can directly apply for a Green card by submitting both I-130 and I-485;4. Those who have obtained an immigrant visa and are already in the United States can apply for immigration for their eligible relatives by virtue of the immigrant visa and i-551 chapter without waiting for a green card.5. After submitting the I-130 form online, the electronic version of the acceptance letter will be received within 1 working day, and the paper version will be mailed to the U.S. address specified on the I-130 form within 1 month.6. Now the immigration application is being processed, can I still enter the United States with a non-immigrant visa?The answer is yes, as long as you prepare all the relevant entry documents and return to China as scheduled, it will not affect your immigration application.Today’s share is over here, welcome to pay attention to me, if you have any problems on the way to apply for immigration, welcome to contact private letter!