Three types of dogs rated as “non-aggressive” can be raised in cities

2022-06-09 0 By

Everyone does not want to raise a fierce, biting dog, which will make people uneasy and be spurned by others, so today we will introduce those rated as “non-aggressive” 3 kinds of dog, even in the city can also raise oh, your home is one of them?Husky country: Russia nickname: demolition captain, two ha, give up no price: 1500~2500 yuan advantages: 1, handsome Husky looks very handsome, with the Wolf or more similar, the appearance level is very high, very cool (in the serious case), their appearance is really attracted a lot of people.2, clean odor small husky belongs to the clean dog breed, although they like to run around, may get dirty, but their hair can keep relatively clean, the focus of the odor is relatively small, almost can not smell the smell, love love!Disadvantages: 1, easy to tear down husky belongs to sled dog, need a lot of running, energy is relatively strong, so if the family does not have enough exercise, it is easy to tear down the home, a careless tear down the whole house, or more expensive.2, gastrointestinal poor husky has a “glass stomach”, often appear gastrointestinal discomfort, so pay special attention to the dog’s situation, pay more attention to the diet, and can occasionally feed probiotics, can effectively regulate gastrointestinal discomfort and so on.Golden Retriever Country: Scotland Nickname: Big warm man, textile factory manager price: 1000~2000 yuan Advantages: 1, warm heart Golden retriever can be famous for good personality, they are very warm heart, whether it is to treat their owners, family, or other small animals, can get along with each other, really often cured.2, high IQ golden retriever IQ ranked fourth, they are very smart, it is easy to understand the meaning of the owner, but also to seriously implement, get along, communication can be said to be no pressure.Disadvantages: 1, like rolling mud golden retriever can be said to be “mud dog”, they are really very like rolling mud, so go out must watch well, or enough to make you suffer, when the time comes to send to the pet shop to take a bath may not want to pick up.2. Shedding the golden retriever’s hair is long and long, and there is shedding, which makes a lot of shoveling officers collapse and its dog hair is everywhere. Therefore, in addition to good care, the diet can choose low-salt dog food to feed, so as to avoid eating too salty to aggravate shedding.Labrador country: Canada nickname: pull not pull pig, little devil price: 1000~2000 yuan advantage: 1, friendly people Labrador docile friendly, they will not take the initiative to attack people, but also children very good playmate, even if there is a child at home can rest assured raising!2, smart obedience high Labrador IQ ranked seventh, they are not only smart, but also obedience is very good, want to train or relatively easy, some simple training they are easy to learn, do not reward snacks when the dog is good.Disadvantages: 1, personality late mature Labrador is a relatively late mature personality of the dog, they are basically before the age of 3 are more naughty, can be said to be terrible, but in fact when the personality stability, will become “little angel”.2, easy to obesity easy to obesity can be said to be a major feature of labrador, but dog obesity is easy to bring a lot of diseases, if the dog is fat or to lose weight, you can choose some low-fat dog food to feed, in addition to the poop officer to take the dog to exercise oh.Conclusion: Which one would you most like to keep?