Touched!A guard policeman in Henan province kowtows to his parents and his wife embraces him in tears as he returns from his newly-married duties

2022-06-09 0 By

A few days ago, a netizen from Zhumadian, Henan province shared a touching video.The video shows a man kowtowing apologetically to his parents as he heads home from his wedding.When the wife saw this, she could not help shedding tears and refused to hug her husband. The man embraced his wife lovingly and wiped away her tears.This scene, I believe that in fact, is also a lot of body in a foreign country struggling wanderers, every year will experience the scene, but, when the understanding of the identity of the man, this reluctance, and let a person more moved.It turned out that the man was a garrison police officer who had not been home for the Spring Festival for seven years before, and this was his first Spring Festival at home because of his marriage.”I don’t know how long it will be before we meet again,” commented netizens. “Everyone feels sad. I applaud this guardian of the people who cares for everyone and gives up their small homes.””Although my husband is not a soldier or a policeman, he has gone to work for my children and me. I feel very sad and understand the sadness of parting.””This worship, serve the country anbangzhi generous, meritorious service exhibition xiongcai, this worship, is to let the parents in the later years include a good wife, although it is a worship, avenue to zai!”It has to be said that whether ordinary people, or public servants serving the masses, at the moment of parting with their families, the emotions are the same, and are worthy of respect.However, the stability of our ordinary people is brought back by these heroes’ silent persistence. Therefore, WE must pay our highest tribute to these people’s guardians and their families.What do you think?