Anqing Daguan District science and technology association to le Lin social work, district cultural center visit research

2022-06-10 0 By

In the morning of February 16th, the association of Science and Technology of Daguan District of Anqing City visited Leolin Social work and district cultural center.The purpose of this survey is to understand the good practices and highlights of social workers’ voluntary service, and to plan the site selection and other preliminary work of the “2022 China Mobile Science and Technology Museum in Anhui” in advance.Next, daguan district association for science and technology will be combining the reality of daguan district, according to the government to promote, universal participation, improve the overall requirements of quality, promote harmony, tightly around the volunteer service of science and technology of various tasks, key problems, effectively integrate resources, dig into all kinds of popular science resources, realize the organic integration of scientific resources and voluntary service, give full play to the science base of the cultural transmission function,Combining education with pleasure will better meet the diverse and multi-level spiritual needs of the people.