Beijing: Build a solid defense line of agricultural product quality and safety during the Spring Festival and competition

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This article from: China site to ensure that the Spring Festival and the winter Olympic Games in Beijing, winter paralympic games during the masses of the general public consumption and safety of agricultural products, the Beijing municipal bureau of agriculture and rural areas more measures simultaneously, to effectively prevent and control the quality and safety of agricultural products from production source risk, insist with tube, woven tight security defense, recent local base of agricultural products detection qualified rate 100%.Strengthen the foundation, promote improvement, strengthen the source of production self-control.To enhance the level of self-control ability and the quality and safety of the main body of agricultural production as the goal, continue to promote standardization of agricultural base evaluation and dynamic management, to carry out the green organic certification, the full implementation of edible agricultural products acceptance standard certification system, multi-media, multi-channel promotion production main body consciousness of quality and safety of the first, understood the quality and safety of printed and distributed to more than 3000 copies,We will ensure quality and safety at the source of production and increase the supply of high-quality and safe agricultural products.We will eliminate risks and check hidden dangers, and comprehensively strengthen supervision and inspection.City, district two stage regulator into the fields, the production base, strengthen the supervision body check production quality and safety control measures to carry out the situation, guidance urged farmers and agricultural production management enterprise production and operation activities, establish cowpea, leek, celery, laying hens, cattle and other prohibited list of varieties of five key subject, carry out the dynamic grid regulation of 8568 subjects,We will comprehensively identify and eliminate risks and hidden dangers, and urge producers to work with integrity and abide by the law.Strengthen the pre-festival monitoring efforts, strictly agricultural products on the market.Combination of edible agricultural products “for illicit drug control residual cu ascension” for three years, the organization carries out the quality and safety of edible agricultural products before the Spring Festival special monitoring, strengthen key areas, key varieties, key link risk monitoring, the production supply large scale agricultural production enterprises during the Spring Festival (base), livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises, with fresh cut vegetables production and processing enterprises, etc.,Implement full coverage monitoring.Since December 2021, the municipal and district levels have carried out special sampling inspection of 981 batches of edible agricultural products, with the qualified rate reaching 99.8%. The two unqualified products were promptly investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law and the implementation of harmless treatment, to ensure that the city’s agricultural products qualified to be listed.We will carry out special inspections and unannounced investigations of law enforcement, and strictly fulfill our oversight responsibilities.Municipal agricultural comprehensive law enforcement team organized the autumn and winter New Year’s quality and safety of agricultural products special law enforcement action, urban linkage, the implementation of key products and key enterprises full coverage of law enforcement supervision, urging production enterprises to standardize the issue of commitment to standard certification.Since December 2021, a total of 531 law-enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect more than 300 manufacturing enterprises at the city and district levels.At the same time, we will give full play to the demonstration and leading role of key bases and do our best to ensure the supply of local agricultural products for important activities.Successively set 19 standards, clear selection recommend a batch of main body, the production scale, production level is high, high degree of standardization and quality safety control ability of the base, and organize personnel on the base of agricultural production, processing, storage and transportation process supervision inspection, to test the base products in a timely manner, and constantly improve the traceability system,Ensure the whole production process can be traced.Author: Lu Xiaochun, reporter of Farmers Daily · China Agricultural Network