Goddess Chen Hongyi, a paragraph of words let a person break!At 1.72 metres, she was supposed to make a stunning appearance at the Beijing Winter Olympics

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Beijing time, February 5, 2022 Saturday news.One day later, the women’s figure skating singles competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will begin, and for the Chinese team, not Chen Hongyi but Zhu Yi!I can’t, because there’s only one place.What a pity, why not Chen Hongyi!As early as 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, China’s figure skating women’s singles choice, began to enter the preparatory stage.Chen Hongyi was the first to enter the scene, and the most amazing and perfect performance.At 1.72 m tall, she keeps her weight under 100 kg to ensure optimum performance.Being 5 ‘2 “has its pros and cons.If develop give prize, Chen Hongyi can show the most beautiful side of female of tall body perfectly, Oriental classic beauty is the most tender feeling the most tenacious moment.But at the same time, because of this too tall, the center of gravity is a little unstable, Chen Hongyi occasionally mistakes.Chen Hongyi, Zhu Yi and Lin Shan were among the three finalists for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Chen Hongyi is a real Beijing girl, she and Zhu Yi were born on September 19, 2002, the same year, the same month, the same day!In addition, Zhu Yi and Lin Shan were both born in the United States and chose to give up their American citizenship to become Chinese citizens for the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the final competition, Zhu Yi led by a slight advantage, Chen Hongyi, Lin Shan failed to choose.Figure skating women’s singles is a test of age, almost 20 years old is the best and the peak of the moment, although we give our best wishes to Lin Shan and Chen Hongyi, but no one can say that after four years, 23 years old Chen Hongyi can maintain the best condition.On the eve of the women’s figure skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chen Hongyi wished her best to her teammates and sisters.There are such words, let a person break: burn incense worship Buddha CALL for you!You have to rush.I have to say, such a good girl lost the election, sorry.Look forward to Chen Hongyi, can blossom in 2026 Milan!