It’s about finding a job and signing a labor contract at the start of the year

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The lunar New Year holiday the past unemployed friends whether to start a new struggle? Today for you a year employment guide to answer Little detours, we go to see what is the labor contract, the labor contract is divided into fixed-term employment contracts, open-ended employment contracts and to accomplish certain tasks for the period of labor contract.To establish a labor relationship, a written labor contract shall be concluded.Where a labor relationship has been established but a written labor contract has not been concluded at the same time, a written labor contract shall be concluded within one month from the date of starting employment.Where an employer and a laborer conclude a labor contract prior to employment, the labor relationship shall be established as of the date of employment.1. Fixed term labor contract refers to the labor contract in which the employer and the employee agree on the termination time of the contract.2. Open-ended labor contract refers to the labor contract without definite termination time agreed by the employer and the laborer.3. A labor contract with the completion of a certain task as the term of the contract refers to a labor contract in which the employer and the laborer agree that the completion of a certain job is the term of the contract.Where an employing unit fails to conclude a written labor contract at the same time of employment, and the labor remuneration agreed with the laborer is not clear, the labor remuneration of the newly hired laborer shall be implemented in accordance with the standards stipulated in the collective contract;If there is no collective contract or the collective contract does not provide for it, equal pay for equal work shall be applied.(1) The name, address and legal representative or principal responsible person of the employing unit;(2) The name, address and number of the worker’s resident identity card or other valid identity certificate;(3) the term of the labor contract;(4) The content and place of work;(5) working hours, rest and holidays;(6) remuneration for Labour;(7) social insurance;(8) Labour protection, working conditions and protection against occupational hazards;(9) Other matters that shall be incorporated into labor contracts as stipulated by laws and regulations.In addition to the essential terms specified in the preceding paragraph, the employing unit and the laborer may agree on other matters in the labor contract, such as probation period, training, confidentiality, supplementary insurance and welfare benefits.About probation, these should pay attention to!An employing unit and a laborer can only agree on one probation period.Where the term of a labor contract is less than three months, no probation period may be agreed upon.The probation period shall be included in the term of the labor contract.If only a probationary period is stipulated in a Labour contract, the probationary period shall not be established, and such period shall be the term of the Labour contract.The wage of the laborer during the probationary period shall not be lower than the lowest wage of the same position of the unit or 80% of the wage agreed in the labor contract, and shall not be lower than the minimum wage standard of the place where the employing unit is located.Do people need to keep labor contracts?If the employer does not give the labor contract to the employee, the employee does not have the labor contract. Once a dispute occurs, it may increase the difficulty of protecting the rights of the worker.Laborer can put forward a requirement to unit of choose and employ persons, ask its to him text of a labor contract is retained, also can complain to local labor safeguard supervisory branch, ask its instruct unit of choose and employ persons to correct.Keep this guide. Start the New Year, find a job, sign a contract, and avoid detours.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: