King: The middle is not worth it. abandon the mage and try this

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The game is also your knowledge, pink star game club today to introduce a kind of play, I hope to help you on points.Recent changes in king glory for the game’s influence is very big, especially the two pieces of equipment changes result in the middle of now appeared very embarrassing situation nowadays many players seemingly only eruption type mage can also go to play, but you can go to see a game, only explosive mage only da ji Angela this hero, playing with their absolutely is in the game.In addition, the official plan to continue damage mages in s26 has been reversed.Breath of Ice, the core piece of persistent damage, has been significantly nerfed. All previous stats have been reduced by half.This is a devastating blow for mages who do persistent damage.Just as many players commented on the wrath of the scholar at the beginning of the season.At the same time, the middle road toolman has been under official crackdown, they have extended the hero skill CD for all controlling mages.For example, at the beginning of the season, zhang Liang was adjusted to extend the CD of the big move.Now there are adjustments to the hero xi Shi, extending the CD of xi Shi’s control skills, which is a devastating blow to many players.The current situation in the middle is that constant damage mage damage is like scraping, no one will play.Burst damage mages are too heavy in the game and lose points easily.Control mages have been officially suppressed, reducing the control duration of control abilities for a long time.So now the king of Glory is the middle of the situation is really let many players do not know what kind of heroes can stabilize the current middle of the situation.Finally, after my reflection, I found that a very strange phenomenon had been revealed in the kPL competition before.The professional player simply abandons all the mages in the middle and chooses the hero of the hundred Mile.Use long hands and short fighters to suppress mages in the middle of the defense tower.At the same time, the middle chooses to defend the contract of 100 miles and has absolute control over the middle line. When the enemy mage supports other lines, the middle mage always falls the fastest.And the choice of shooters in the middle, our shooters play no matter in the opening group, or dismantling towers have absolute advantages.The only thing to note about this gameplay is that there must be a front row and combat damage hero in the team.But this is also very easy to solve, as long as it is three or five rows can carry out certain communication, such as the choice of a hundred miles to play about the middle, I suggest that the shooter road to choose Marco Polo against the road to choose Lu Bu, the auxiliary basically does not matter.Now there is a way to make up for the lack of middle road, meta song play any road has a certain advantage.Metagame abilities have been shown in previous battles with Archer Road.It is also worth mentioning that during the period of the mage’s revision, meta song was promoted to middle t0.With the power of his golem, he can hold the line in the middle, and he is a very flexible hero, which makes him a step ahead of the mages in the middle when supporting any path.And it is with a series of advantages, so that yuan song has become a magic weapon on the top of the current game.After analyzing the meta song and observing the current situation of the middle mage, I have a very special gameplay, the middle can directly choose the support type of warrior.Once the middle line is cleared, they can use their quick support ability to support our team.Take Sun Ce and Nezha for example. Although they have relatively short hands in the game, they always have to enter the defense tower, and they can quickly support the opposing road after clearing the line, which is the most disgusting method nowadays.In the face of such a complicated situation in the middle of the road today, surprise has probably become the current version of the best way to score.Let’s open up our game, choose a special way to win the game quickly.However, I feel that this special gameplay must be established with the consent of teammates, otherwise it is easy to cause many players to surrender.This is the content of this article. If you have any mistakes, thank you for pointing them out. If you have any ideas or opinions, please leave them in the comments section or private chat