Vivian hsu hair song mocking Li Liang Lei, pointing to Li Liang Lei poor, two people in the platform across the air war

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Wang and li jing she divorce news after days of development finally fade out people’s field of vision, because they are caused by the storm, however, does not cease, seemingly own family marriage, two people are unconsciously some people involved in it, including Vivian hsu and ms sun, two people have a Hong Kong media reported on the network of the two wars continues from a distance.Li jing bud as victims of divorce farce, is arguably deserve more support, but Vivian hsu and ms sun is countless small betting against li jing she, they repeatedly on the social platform requirement li jing buds open yourself and wang divorce details, and li jing she is always silent, and has been declared his life into a panic,And why the two have been to Wang Lee Hom to give such a big public opinion support, until now are different opinions.According to Taiwan media reports, at present although Vivian hsu for tight dress rehearsal concert held in May, but his back to li jing she continues, not long ago, she was in a social platform with a “mask” publicly scolded by li jing she, describe the other is in front of the media, to gain the public’s sympathy.Although Vivian hsu posted an article on social media platform that his song is just for his concert to promote, not to denigrate and satirize anyone, but the content of the lyrics have been obvious.After leehom wang and Li Jinglei were embroiled in divorce, the sympathy for Li Jinglei was obviously much more than that for Wang.Another Vivian hsu said that at the end of the article itself now don’t have much time to go to America to do some meaningless things, it seems nothing, but in some net friend’s opinion, Vivian hsu this sentence is also in the indirect blame li jing she often choose the middle of the night in the social platform to publish their and wang divorce news, and these things in Vivian hsu seems to be very useless things.Vivian hsu to the behavior of the li jing she was so excited, not because how much her friendship with wang lee hom, but the behavior of the li jing she accidentally however she also pull in to two people divorce storm, causing yourself and Sean lee marriage to be a lot of questions, Vivian hsu, after all, in order to maintain their marriage also is very not easy,At the age of the way to give birth to the baby, but also after the birth of a lot of work, and also to take care of li Yunfeng and former ex-wife born of the child, it can be seen that Vivian to this marriage has much attention.Although Sean lee after the Vivian hsu is involved in the storm, very sensibly, says it will not ignore the question of public opinion to Vivian hsu and will continue to support his wife, just heart still in Vivian hsu planted in the heart, can only slowly, with the influence of the time dilute these things only Vivian hsu’s ridicule, li jing she how to counter becomes more direction.