Yuzuru Hanyu? The whole world is looking for him?

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The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics is tonight, which is a little exciting.Among them, several young athletes are undoubtedly the most attention, in addition to domestic Gu Ailing, from Japan’s figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has also been closely watched.At the Capital Gymnasium on February 2, many reporters were waiting for yuzuru Hanyu, the two-time Olympic gold medalist in men’s singles figure skating, but he still didn’t show up.According to the training schedule distributed on the spot, the fifth group of men’s singles will practice together from 13:55 to 14:30.There were supposed to be six players, including Yuzuru Hanyu, but only two went on the ice.Many fans are also waiting for the arrival of Yuzuru Hanyu. The hot search was posted on Weibo for a whole day before the arrival, which shows how popular it is in China.When asked whether Yuzuru Hanyu had entered the Olympic Games, Hito ITO, the head of the Olympic team, said, “I don’t think he has entered the venue yet, and that’s all I can say at the moment.”Yesterday, the Japan Skating Federation posted a video of Hanyu thanking fans for their support and saying the Olympics would work hard to win.Why is Hanyu so popular in China?Even a lot of people who don’t know anything about ice sports have heard of him in some way.The first is his good looks. Yuzuru Hanyu, born in 1994, is a handsome young man with a delicate appearance and cute smile, which has attracted many female fans.CCTV broadcast when he spent slippery picture, was described as “the appearance of jade, such as loose posture, pian if jing Hong, wan if you dragon”, also had been CCTV “lucky to know qing peach blossom face, from crisscroping road more warm spring” evaluation.Of course, appearance is far from enough, stars can have empty skin, but athletes do not.That’s why yuzuru Hanyu’s real killer is hard power, and his skating ability is not to be underestimated.Because of illness and asthma in his childhood, his parents let him learn skating in order to enhance his physical fitness.But I didn’t know this was a skating genius.In February 2014, yuzuru Hanyu became the first Asian men’s singles champion at the Winter Olympics by winning the gold medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics at the age of 19. Hanyu realized his childhood dream by winning the World Figure skating Championship in March 2014, completing the Grand Slam of the Olympics, World Championships and Grand Prix Finals.In 2016, she won the gold medal at the World Figure skating Grand Prix Finals and won the grand Prix Finals four times in a row.In April 2017, he won the World Figure skating Championship again.In February 2018, he won the gold medal in men’s singles figure skating at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics.In men’s figure skating, yuzuru Hanyu, currently ranked no. 1 in the world, is also like a peerless childe, almost a separate existence.Yuzuru Hanyu ended a 66-year drought in figure skating by defending her title at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.He is also the youngest man to win an Olympic figure skating title since Dick Barton in 66 years.He is the world record holder in his own event and has broken the record 12 times.Many people say of Yuzuru Hanyu that he is not skating, but writing poetry on ice.As a “beautiful sport” combining technology and art, figure skating attracts the public.While Hanyu has a certain difficulty in jumping, it is very appealing in artistic expression.It is rare that he can always try to break through himself. What is more valuable is that when fame and fortune come, he can always keep his head clear. He has published autobiography and books, and his remuneration and Olympic Prize money will be donated to the ice rink of his hometown.Even during the off-season, he did not participate in any commercial programs, and occasionally appeared on the news because he donated money to his hometown or the disaster area to send warmth to many people.This young athlete single-handedly let more people know figure skating and fall in love with figure skating.Hope Yuzuru Hanyu does well in this Winter Olympics!