Can we postpone the mortgage payment due to the epidemic?Six major banks responded

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Recently, many people have reported difficulties in mortgage repayment due to the impact of the epidemic on personal income.Caijing obtained an exclusive response from six large state-owned commercial banks, namely ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications and Postal Savings. Affected by the epidemic, eligible customers can apply for a mortgage repayment extension.According to six large state-owned commercial banks, people affected by the epidemic can apply for deferment of mortgage repayment, including those hospitalized or quarantined due to COVID-19, those who need quarantined observation for epidemic prevention and control, workers participating in epidemic prevention and control, and customers who temporarily lost their sources of income due to the epidemic.Banks have different policies for deferment.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) said that it will provide loan postponement service to personal loan customers affected by the epidemic. During the postponement period, customers will not be included in the list of defaulting customers. Meanwhile, it will provide credit investigation protection to customers and continue to strengthen customer services.Agricultural Bank of China can enjoy the above care policy for customers who request to postpone repayment time, reduce penalty interest and eliminate overdue credit investigation records due to the epidemic.Customers can directly contact the loan handling bank or call the customer service center of AGRICULTURAL Bank of China for information registration, and the handling bank will give reasonable delay of repayment time, exemption of credit investigation and reduction of penalty interest according to the actual situation.The Bank of China has specially introduced a package of personal housing loan guarantee policies, including extending the loan term, delaying the repayment of principal and interest, and setting a preferential repayment period.According to the Shanghai branch of bank of China, if customers are overdue due to the epidemic, they can file an objection to the bank to correct their overdue records.Bank of China Jilin Branch sets a grace period of 10 days for customers in Jilin Province to repay the loan. Repayment within the grace period will not be subject to penalty interest and credit investigation.For eligible customers, the repayment delay period is up to 3 months, and will be extended appropriately if the epidemic is prolonged.CCB said that eligible customers will be provided with three types of services: one is a short-term deferred repayment of up to 28 days, which will not be collected and will not affect credit investigation;Second, adjust the bill plan, reduce the installment repayment amount of the current period according to the epidemic situation in each region, and postpone the repayment of the reduced part to the next month;Three is to extend the loan term, extend the loan overall term, postpone the due date, reduce installment repayment amount.At the same time, CCB will implement credit investigation protection measures for customers who meet the conditions of deferred repayment.Bocom has also taken a variety of measures to support eligible customers nationwide to extend their mortgage payments.Among them, The Shanghai Branch of Bank of Communications can give a maximum grace period of 30 days for the principal repayment of online mortgage individual loan customers, and a grace period of 3 months for eligible customers and their spouses.PSBC offers a maximum of 6 months ‘deferred repayment service to eligible customers.At the same time, for the credit investigation issues that customers are concerned about, we will strictly implement the policy on protection of credit investigation rights and interests, and make it clear that qualified mortgage customers who have difficulty in repaying due to the impact of the epidemic can be assisted in adjusting the credit investigation overdue records related to the epidemic.Blockbuster!Test the proposition has an important adjusting coordinating editor: Lv Xia | editor: Yang source: CCTV network