Dress up: Chen Kaiyi looks like quiet like a virgin, actually already have new idea, real battle just begins

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Starring Song Jia, Chen He and Yuan Wing Yi, the urban workplace drama, which is currently airing on Dragon TV, tells the story of two professional women who lead their employees to blaze a new trail for traditional magazines.The heroine of the play, played by song jia Chen Kaiyi is deputy editor of fashion magazines “dressed up”, she hires “dressed up” 8 years, the “dress up” into a new high, all thanks to her insist on the concept of “content is king”, aims to “dress up”, affect a large number of women, that they would be a new era of unique ideas and personality charm women.However, with the development of the new era, the whole market is affected by light reading, and the traditional paper media has been impacted and tested by The Times, and the circulation has begun to decline sharply.Even roadside newsstands are switching to breakfast shops.It rains all night.In this difficult moment, “dressed up” chief editor Lin George (Zhu Yongteng) jumped to suicide, the group headquarters and new sent Xiao Hongxue (Yuan Yongyi) as “dressed up” magazine new chief editor.Everything seems logical but even Xiao Hongxue thinks it is illogical.George Lin’s death was not so simple.And after Xiao Hongxue audit found that George Lin is not as rumors before, using the power to use “dress up” financial stress jump.George Lin is actually clean.This reflects from another side, everything is behind the scenes, someone secretly framed Lin George, the purpose is to force him to resign from “Dressed up”.And this person turns out to be Xiao Hongxue’s ex-husband Xiang Ting Feng (Wang Yaoqing).In the latest plot, xiang Ting Peak control “dress up” the purpose has been shown, he is to “dress up” do low, and then through the third party acquisition “dress up”, in order to oneself when “dress up” boss.The third party is Gu Mingshan (Li Chenru).Xiang Ting peak is not good personally purchase “dress up”, then united Gu Mingshan, even in order to let Gu Mingshan agree to help him and not at all in the successful acquisition of economic subsidies Gu Mingshan.And Chen Kaiyi is actually an ideal person, she does not care about “dress up” by who take charge, she only care about “dress up” content.So even if Xiao Hongxue performed his duties “dressed up” the new chief editor, and when Chen Kaiyi saw “dressed up” the latest content quality gap, immediately angry requirements project director Yankai redo.As Qin min said, no one loves the magazine more than Chen Kaiyi.Be based on Chen Kaiyi pair “dress up” the feeling and her life ideal, think she should be taking resource to leave in whole circle so “dress up” when looking for next home, actually Chen Kaiyi had new idea already.Before, Chen Kai Yi secretly use their own contacts, secretly let some of their relationship with good advertisers difficult “dress up”, so there was a night to contact 5 advertisers to stop the cooperation with “dress up” scene, can “dress up” advertising director Binbin Lu (Chen He) to be urgent bad.In fact, this is just Chen Kaiyi put a smoke bomb to the outside world, let the circle of people think she will take resources to leave “dressed up”.And her true purpose is revealed in her archery practice.Xiao Hongxue let Mary (Played by Li Xiaofeng) as the annual fashion ceremony general planning, and Mary in order to show loyalty, take the initiative to find Chen Kaiyi is training arrow story.Chen Kaiyi some ambiguous words, in fact, is the answer to her new action.Chen kaiyi said her coach taught her not to use brute force in archery, but to have rhythm. It was best to hit the target.Mary doesn’t quite understand Chen Kaiyi.In fact, Chen Kaiyi’s meaning is, if the “dress up” as a goal, so you can not have to fight for each other, but to learn to borrow force to fight, even if the final did not succeed, you can also do a “new dress up”, in order to replace “dress up”.Chen Kaiyi this concept, should be her previous doings.Before, in Xiao Hongxue’s performance of duty “dressed up” editor-in-chief, Chen Kaiyi has been in a quiet virgin state not cry not make, even Xiao Hongxue think Chen Kaiyi did not imagine so strong, will not go against her.The real battle begins.Chen Kaiyi’s next action, is to pull Yankai, in order to ensure that they have a team at any time.In the latest plot, yankai’s rich girl Liu Ziqi (Wang Zixuan) made it clear that she intends to buy “Dressed up”.This is actually a foreshadowing of the play.Next, the “dressed up” split just formally began, by Xiao Hongxue as a party of people, opened the “dressed up” innovation road to comply with the market;And Chen Kaiyi led Yankai and the people of the theme department, under the capital injection of Liu Ziqi, adhere to their original ideas, continue to do the content deeply, through the content and ideas to influence others.This is the end of the story analysis, as for the plot of the future, feel free to leave a comment below.