Everyone can be a communicator of the Olympic spirit, according to the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

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Beijing, Feb. 15 (Ou Xingrong) — Everyone can be a messenger of unity and a communicator of Olympic spirit, Yan Jiarong, spokesperson of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, said at a daily press conference held in the main media center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 15.Yan Jiarong (l), spokesperson for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, speaks at a press conference on Thursday.”American snowboarder Tessa Moder recently shared her personal experience of the Beijing Winter Olympics on social media, saying she loved it and was moved by it.Chinese netizens left messages for her and welcomed her to visit China often in the future.”Yan jiarong said that you can see in the Beijing Winter Olympics that the volunteers are eager to help the athletes of various delegations and have formed a deep friendship with each other.The athletes competed fiercely on the field and hugged, encouraged and blessed each other after the game.A warm embrace, a bright smiling face, a word of encouragement and a section of sincere blessing, leaving a touching story.Yan went on to say that the Beijing Winter Olympics have not only provided a stage for wonderful sports competitions, but also built a bridge to strengthen exchanges and promote the world’s mutual understanding and integration.The motto of the Winter Olympics, “Together toward the Future,” is a Chinese interpretation of the Olympic motto, “Faster, Higher, Stronger — More United.””Together for the Future” implies “not one less”, so that everyone who loves sports and sports can realize their dreams.”As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, the Beijing Winter Olympics is a rare global event and happy event.””We hope to encourage more people to participate in ice and snow sports, so that the Olympic spirit can benefit more underdeveloped areas, and use ice and snow sports as a link to gather the power of ‘more unity’, inject more confidence and strength into the world plagued by the epidemic, so that ‘me and you’ can ‘move forward together’,” Said Yan.”Today is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. It is also the Festival of Reunion.The Beijing Winter Olympics will coincide with the Lantern Festival, when members of the Olympic family gather in Beijing to enjoy the festival, which symbolizes the “reunion” of the Lantern Festival and the “more unity” spirit of the Olympics, Yan said.”Each of us can be a messenger of unity and a messenger of the Olympic spirit.”