Jibin High-speed railway Huimin section into the substantive stage

2022-06-11 0 By

This year, Huimin County seized the opportunity of infrastructure construction and concentrated on the construction of major transportation facilities of Jibin high-speed railway. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, huimin County also did a good job in surveying and demarcating the land used for the project and counting the attached objects on the ground to ensure the construction of The Huimin section of Jibin high-speed railway starts as scheduled.Recently, in Huimin County, more than 20 workers are busy working on the site of the construction of jibin high-speed railway. They are conducting the survey and demarcation of 14 sites, the aboveground accessories and the green and green list, marking that the Project of Huimin section of Jibin high-speed railway has entered the substantive stage.Hu Yong, deputy director of Huimin Transport Bureau, said, “On April 2, the county government held a preliminary land reclamation work for Jibin high-speed railway. On April 5, Huimin Transport Bureau, together with the finance Bureau, natural resources Bureau and agriculture Bureau, went to the site to survey and delimit the boundaries of 14 sites and land reclamation work.Up to now, all the 10 stations have been completed. In the next step, we will follow the epidemic prevention and control policies of the county government, implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements, and actively promote the construction progress of the project to ensure the construction of Jibin High-speed Railway starts as scheduled.”It is understood that the Jibin high-speed railway project in Huimin County within the territory of 37.8 kilometers, through Zijiao Town, Zaohuli Town, He Fang Street, Madian Town, Sanglushu Town, Huji Town, through Dingdaokou village, across the Duhaihe River into Bincheng District.Jibin High-speed railway will set up a station in Sunding Village, Huimin County, 3.6 kilometers away from the county government. After the completion of the project, it will greatly facilitate people’s travel and promote the economic development of Huimin.(Reporting by Sun Xingao Feng and Liu Ying)