Taiyuan Shuangxi primary school: “the first lesson” to the teacher

2022-06-11 0 By

How can teachers in the new era give professional and warm psychological guidance to children, care for their healthy growth, and hold up a sky full of love for their growth?On the occasion of the opening of the spring semester of 2022, Shuangxi Primary School in Yingze District, Taiyuan, opened the minds of all the head teachers with a special lecture.On February 14, in the afternoon, the double west primary school invited national psychological consultant and executive director of the psychological association of Shanxi Province, shanxi modern mental health research center, senior consultant, training department, senior lecturer, national excellent counselor, young pioneers in shanxi famous studio leaders, experts Hou Aiping director of moral education, in order to “follow the law of growth Home school harmonious women “,A special lecture was given to all the head teachers.Director Hou Aiping explained how to follow the law of growth of students, the school and the family work together in education, and how to effectively and scientifically communicate with parents in the new semester under the policy of “double reduction” from three aspects of understanding the law of growth of teenagers, understanding the impact of original family education, and innovating the work method of head teachers.Director Hou Aiping believes that a healthy child should develop in all aspects, including cognition, body, emotion and social interaction.In the face of students, we should give unconditional positive attention, in the face of students’ problems, we should first deal with students’ emotions, then to solve the matter, never hurt the relationship between teachers and students.The special lecture was cordial and infectious, and all the head teachers were absorbed in meditation and felt a spiritual journey.Dai Zi, principal of Shuangxi Primary School, said that all teachers of Shuangxi Primary school should pay attention to reading and study with great concentration. They should skillfully apply the psychological knowledge they have learned to education and teaching practice, promote the development of psychological health education in the school, and promote the healthy growth of students’ body and mind.Source: Shanxi Daily client